Gilligraphy is my calligraphy service that offers handwritten calligraphy or lettering for your invitation needs. I use black ink and a standard Gilligraphy font. I also offer escort cards.

My time frame is about 1-2 weeks turnaround time, depending on that time of year and number of invitations. I ask for 20% extra envelopes. Any changes after the initial list has been sent will be charged as an extra envelope. Prices do not include stuffing the envelope or a return address. I have my clients drop off and pick up the cards at my home.

I ask that you e-mail your wedding list in an Excel format with separate columns for the names, street addresses, and city/state as shown below. I ask that all information is written and spelled exactly as you wish to have it written. Please note that there is an extra charge for states to be written out in full rather than abbreviated.

excel example.JPG
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Are you able to drop off/pick up your envelopes in Longmeadow, MA?