Resin recipe tray

Studying calligraphy and paying close attention my own handwriting has also made me obsess over the handwriting of others. The thin upstrokes and and fatter down strokes, the smooth lines or shakiness that often happens with age. The varying amount of pressure used, the spacing between letters and words. The amount of “flourish” and the angle. The negative space that each letter creates.

This resin tray is an “easy” resin project that allowed me to preserve both the handwriting of my grandmother as well as her famous recipes!

I picked up a tray at Michael’s. I used copies of the original recipes, just in case. I placed the recipes in a collage fashion on the tray and glued them down with a simple glue stick. You can gently run a credit card across to flatten. I would recommend sealing the papers at this time with either a spray or painted sealer as the resin did soak through my pages, making them more difficult to read. I also had some printing on the backside of the paper and I would recommend having blank backsides.

The beauty of using resin with this tray is that you don’t have to worry about taping or sanding the edges, the tray self-contains the resin! Simply pour the resin, use the heat gun for bubbles, and let sit on a level surface overnight! See my materials tab to see the exact materials I use.