If we trace Lindsay Gill Art back to the beginning, I was three years old, taking and fulfilling fake customer orders with an unplugged rotary wall phone and a J.C. Penny catalog, in my office under the stairs. From there, I enjoyed every second of every art project, art assignment, art class, and art material that I came across.


As an art minor in college, I started exploring abstract art more seriously. In particular, my current style started in Digital Art in which I created multiple digital works of art that due to Professor critique, I embellished with mirror pieces.


When I came across alcohol ink and resin and started using them, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. The vibrancy and overlay of colors is unlike any other art. The resin finish elevates the color and sheen.

Thank you to my husband for being my biggest fan. My parents for letting me have an art area growing up and providing me with many art supplies. Pop Ralph for his can-do attitude, and finding any and every way to make an idea come to life. Pop Jay for spending hours helping me with technical aspects of these paintings. Nicole, Chris, and Rich for their artistic eye and encouragement. Lynzy for sharing my shop with her followers. And every family member, friend, and follower for joining me as I grow Lindsay Gill Art! I appreciate your support so very much!

fam on dock.jpg