Lindsay Gill: 8 Diaper Rash Remedies (and a giveaway!)

Monday, September 19, 2016

8 Diaper Rash Remedies (and a giveaway!)

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Sophie recently had a really bad diaper rash. It broke my heart to see her in such pain. And the problem with diaper rashes is that there is barely any time for healing in between diaper changes...the skin continues to get irritated with each dirty diaper.

An otherwise rational parent can become irrational and overwhelmed when their child is in pain. You would do anything for them! You go to the store, find the "baby" isle, and become engulfed in all of the choices.

This is when I felt lucky that I could reach out to some fellow moms with experience. I wanted to share their advice, because it really did work for Sophie. Now we have all of the products and knowledge on stand-by if and when this happens again!

Here are the top eight diaper rash remedies that some fellow moms shared with me:

1.  WaterWipes. These are baby wipes that contain only pure Irish water and grapefruit seed extract, and are chemical free. They offer an often safer and more natural option than other brands that might irritate the baby's bum. Available at Walgreens, I even feel comfortable using these to wipe faces and noses! These were fully stocked in two different package sizes. We have quickly discovered that Sophie has very sensitive skin, and the last thing we want to do is make the rash worse by putting unnecessary chemicals on her skin with other brands of wipes.

2. Diaper area spray.  We started using diaper area spray regularly because it cuts down on the the amount of "scrubbing" with any wipe. Especially when out and about, a bath is not always convenient and the diaper area spray is a good alternative.

3.  Diaper-free time. I honestly haven't tried this, but allowing the bum to get some air will promote healing. This would require some really good timing and/or luck.

4.  Take a bath each diaper change. I think this really helped Sophie. I put her in the bath each time I changed her diaper to let the bath wash away the filth painlessly.

5.  Dab breast milk on the rash and let air dry. I did not try this myself, but breast milk seems like magic sometimes!

6.  One mom made a diaper cream out of breast milk and coconut oil and kept it in the fridge!

7. Diaper rash cream both as a barrier for prevention and to promote healing of an existing diaper rash.

8.  Seek medical attention if it does not heal, it could be something that requires different treatment such as a yeast infection.

Now we have a healthy and happy baby girl again!

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