Lindsay Gill: Making photo books through Snapfish in 10 easy steps

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Making photo books through Snapfish in 10 easy steps

I just completed a photo book of Luke and Sophie from January to June of this year.  I had 4,770 photos for that time period and it only took me a few interrupted hours! I started making photo books when Luke was born, so I've had 3.5 years of practice to perfect my method. There is no better time than the present to make these books, it is such a concrete and organized way to hold onto these photos, and we already love looking back through them.

I think many people are overwhelmed by these photo books. And it is just recently that I feel like I have a less-overwhelming system for creating these books. I will break it down into ten easy steps.

1.  Buy an external hard drive such as this one that is designated for photos only. Otherwise, the photos get lost, or slow down your computer.

2.  Every time you need to remove photos from your phone or camera card, download them to this hard drive and save them by date. Don't forget photos from your significant other or family, too. This also helps when you go back looking for certain photos, you have a better chance of finding them. I read that one blogger even organized photos by who is in them. That sounds so helpful when it comes time to make DIY gifts, but seems a little more than I'm capable of!

3. When it is time to make the photo book, upload each folder of photos onto Snapfish under an album labeled by date range for the book that you are making (example Jan-June 2016). There is a max on each upload, so do it in sections. I made a photo book for each month of Luke's life until age 1, but now my plan is to make a Luke/Sophie combined book every 6 months.

4.  Once the photos are uploaded, move them from their dated folder on hard drive to a new folder on the hard drive labeled "done."

5.  Start your photo book on Snapfish. My current favorite is the 12x12 hardcover book.

6. Here's the crucial step. Select the photos you would like to use. Be picky. Choose the best ones. Originally, I deferred the "autofill" feature and added the photos manually to avoid including duplicates, bloopers, and random photos. This took forever. But if you do the selection work in the beginning, the autofill feature is a dream!

7. Click "autofill" and watch your book come to fruition in seconds!

8.  Go through each page and enlarge or swap photos as needed, showcase others!

9. Wait for a 60% off coupon on Snapfish. They always come around.

10. Buy book through eBates to get 10% back on your purchase!

Do you have a system for organizing photos? I'd love to hear about it. Please let me know if any of the steps need clarification!

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