Lindsay Gill: What can my baby see?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What can my baby see?

I just returned from an Orthoptic conference, and I wanted to share this amazing app that I learned about.  It's called Baby See App, created by Boston Children's Hospital, and allows you to use your phone camera to see what your baby can see at different ages.  Our house is filled with bright and sometimes obnoxious-looking toys for Sophie, based on the fact that high contrast objects are necessary for normal visual development (not just clarity but also depth perception, the ability to use the eye together, and more!)  This app really makes it "clear" why a baby's environment is crucial for proper development. I focused on the most neutral item in our house, Sophie's swing, and the most color-contrast items in our home: a pile in the toy room:





I think the biggest difference is that the swing tends to look about the same as time goes on, while the contrast items start looking closer to normal adult vision as the eyes are brain become more fully developed.  Need to add some contrast to your baby's environment?  These toys are some of our favorites! The items below do contain affiliate links, thank you for your support!



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