Lindsay Gill: Review and Promo code for The Oto by Cellscope: a smart otoscope for ear care in your own home

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Review and Promo code for The Oto by Cellscope: a smart otoscope for ear care in your own home

Thank you to Cellscope for providing me with The Oto to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.  *This device is not designed or intended to provide a diagnosis of ear infections or other ailments of the ear. This device should not be used as a basis for starting or modifying treatment without independent confirmation by medical examination. Do not attempt self-diagnosis or self-treatment based on the recording results and analysis.  Self-diagnosis or self-treatment may lead to deterioration of your health.

We were in the Pediatrician's office weekly for congestion and ear checks for Luke.  Some of these appointments showed ear fluid, some showed ear infections.  Little Luke just couldn't get his ears cleared!  The Pediatrician was about thirty minutes away from us, so a quick ear check was always at least an hour.  I'm sure we left with more germs that we started with, and Luke learned to hate the experience of being held down so the doctor could get a good look in his ears.  

Eventually, we were referred to an Audiologist for a hearing test, which showed some decrease in hearing.  She did further testing to show, though, that his hearing would be okay once the fluid was cleared.  We then met with the ENT who suggested we do a surgery to put ear tubes in, as well as take adenoids out.

With the tubes, it is easier to detect an ear infection because it is an "open system" and there is generally see leakage from the ear.  At that point, antibiotic ear drops can be used rather than systemic antibiotics.  However, one of Luke's tubes has since fallen out.  Though Luke can now articulate how his ears feel, we are back to wondering if he has fluid or an ear infection.

Cellscope created a "smart otoscope" that allows you to see inside the ear on your iPhone with The Oto.  The Oto is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6s.  There is an attachment for the iPhone camera which allows you to capture a video of the child's eardrum.  You can then use the Seymour app to contact an on-call doctor and receive feedback within two hours, or share with your own Pediatrician.  

The Oto set-up takes about 30 seconds. For my 5s, I put on the provided case, slid in the camera, and then twisted on the appropriate top.  Luke was very cooperative and not afraid since we were in the comfort of his own home and bed! I downloaded the Seymour app and followed the easy set-up instructions. I was able to get a view into Luke's ear and the app gave feedback right away with arrows directing me how to turn The Oto and alerting me when there was too much wax blocking the view.  The Oto comes with a small storage and travel case as well. 

I'm excited to share this product with our Pediatrician!  I especially love this product for sharing a video with our Pediatrician in follow-up.  Once an ear infection is treated with antibiotics, we are usually told to come back in two weeks to make sure that the fluid and infection has cleared.  With The Oto, we could avoid a trip to the doctor and send him a video of the ear instead.  

Source: Cellscope LinkedIn
I do think a good Pediatrician is irreplaceable.  I think a parent's intuition that something is not right is very strong, and that you should bring your child into the doctor when you feel it is necessary.  There are times, however, when I think The Oto and Seymour app could be absolutely perfect.  When you are vacation and the nearest clinic is hours away.  When it is in the middle of the night and you just don't know why your child is uncomfortable.  When you've treated an infection and need to know if it has cleared.  Or when your child is so terrified of the doctor's office that they simply cannot get a good look inside the ear while the child is screaming and trying to escape.  

I also think this is such a wonderful tool for doctors to have on hand to record images from inside the ear rather than trying to describe what they see in their notes.  This is wonderful for an educational resource so that doctors can show the patient's family exactly what's happening in the ear, as well as for teaching pediatric otoscope findings to the medical community. 

Medicine today and medicine of the future is very cool and really excites me!  I think it is only a matter of time before tools like The Oto are "the norm."  Again, while I am so grateful for our doctors and have the utmost respect for them, I think The Oto is a remarkable addition to modern medicine!

Cellscope has offered Lindsay Gill Blog readers 15% off of your own Oto with code LINDSAYGILL! I would love to know if you purchase one and what you think of it!

Learn more on their websiteFacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.  Click here to read more about The Oto

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