Lindsay Gill: On the night that you were born: Sophie's birth story

Monday, March 28, 2016

On the night that you were born: Sophie's birth story

Dear Sophie,

On the night that you were born…

I went on a walk with Nana Nina on October 20th 2015.  We had been trying to walk every day!  This particular walk may have been the longest one, though.  When we got back, I called the on-call doctor because I suspected that my water had started to break.  The doctor told us to go to the hospital to get checked out.  We weren’t in a rush so we had dinner and packed up.  Nana was at the house to stay with big brother Luke.  Both mom and dad suspected that we would be home shortly, that this was just a false alarm.  We got a little lost on the way to the hospital since we never did a trial run.  We even pulled up next to a high school friend and rolled down the window for a quick hello.

Dad dropped me off at the door and I registered.  The waiting room was pretty full.  I had no idea that we would wait about 2.5 hours before even being seen.  One lady rolled in in a wheelchair and ended up being 10cm dilated and had her baby about twenty minutes after! 

Another lady came and sat across from us and she was very much in labor too.  Dad and I exchanged silly texts, because I was in no pain at that point!  They called in a “Lindsay,” and it was a different Lindsay.  Then they called me.  I should have let that lady go before us.  But…I didn’t.  Jaime was the nurse that took care of us.  She was very nice and allowed us to make jokes.  There were several emergencies so we had to wait a bit longer before the midwife came to check me (probably the lady that I should have let go before me!)  The midwife, Tina, had a very interested energy, and we liked her.  I asked Jaime if any contractions were showing up on the monitor because I could feel mild ones, and she said no, that I should try to stay more hydrated because the uterus must be irritated. 

Well irritated it was!  I started to shake a little bit on the way home.  We sent Nana home around 1am and shortly after, the real contractions started.  I called Nana back and said come on back over, this is it.  She breathed with me for about an hour and then we decided it was probably time to go back.  This time, we knew how to get to the hospital, and we had just met everyone and were already registered!  I had used my contraction app to keep track of everything.  Once we got back to Jaime, my water broke for real.  She got my IV going and rolled me upstairs to Labor and Delivery where we met our nurse, Sarah. 

They suggested I stand in the shower to help with the pain.  I thought that was a good idea until my next contraction.  I looked at Dad, shook my head, and said I need an epidural!  I wanted to try without, but I just didn’t have it in me.  The anesthesia resident took a detailed history and started the epidural, there were no complications, thank God.  We started at 3cm when we left originally, came back to the hospital at 5cm around 3am, and labored until around 7am to 10cm.  That’s when I projectile vomited all over the room. 

The doctor on call was the doctor we had been seeing throughout the pregnancy.  He got all scrubbed up and ready until I told him that I won’t be pushing and that I didn’t want to waste his time, if he could find something else to do.  He was surprised and possibly a little annoyed.  A bit later, it was time to push and you were coming out.  They rushed to retrieve the doctor.  They paged him to come quick.  Then they paged him to run, don’t walk.  There was a resident ready to catch you as the on-call doctor fumbled to get his gloves on again. 

Fourteen minutes of pushing later, you arrived.  You didn’t cry very hard at first and had me worried!  But then your beautiful cry came and we had some skin to skin time.  Dad got to cut your belly button cord. 

The nurses that helped deliver you were Carly and Liz.  The nurses that helped us recover were Jackie, Michelle, and Alicia.  October 21st 2015 at 8:24 am, 8lb 8.4 oz and 21.5 inches.  Everyone commented how beautiful you were, they commented on your dark hair and dark eyebrows.  You were here and you were perfect.  We already loved you so much.  

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