Lindsay Gill: DIY playroom artwork: Let them be little

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DIY playroom artwork: Let them be little

I've had an incredible time being home with my two angels.  I'm anxious and excited about going back to work in the new year, but blessed that it will only be part time.  I do miss blogging. I feel like I have things to say and ideas to share!  As long as I don't take any time away from being with my kids and I can avoid plastering the internet with their photos, I think I'd like to start posting again.

Here is one of our projects we recently did.  I love this quote that I originally saw from Sarah Tucker and it really stuck with me.  "Let them be little."  Especially because Luke is a big boy, I find that I have to step back and remind myself that he is only two!  It's easy to get carried away since I want the best for him.  I want him to go to the best school, be the healthiest he can be, have the best times he can.  But many times, he just needs a safe place in our arms.  He needs us to listen.  He needs us to be there for him, even when he misbehaves.  I knew I wanted this quote to be part of our artwork in the playroom.

We purchased a nice canvas from Michael's, on sale for half off.  I really wanted to do bubble mix paint with soap and create art with the bubbles.  For whatever reason, it didn't work.  So Luke and I used our fingers and paper towels to create an abstract background.  I then wrote the quote in gold acrylic paint.  I'm happy with the result that shines in the sunlight!  And we had fun getting our fingers and clothes messy in the process!  Let them be little!

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