Lindsay Gill: A Fall Toddler Play date

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Fall Toddler Play date

This gorgeous Fall weather inspired Luke and me to host a (small) Fall play date!  We put together a Fall craft, Fall snacks, and Fall story to fill our morning.  

First, we did our Fall craft.  We used Con-Tact paper that we found at Target (I wish all stores were open as early as Target!)  We cut out a pumpkin (and a basketball) out of black construction paper and stuck it to the sticky side of the paper.  We then used pieces of Orange Tissue Paper Sheets to decorate our shapes.  I cut the squares but in retrospect,  it might have been more fun to let the toddlers rip their own pieces.  

After all of that work, it was time to refuel.  We had Annie's Halloween Bunny Grahams, apples with caramel dip, and apple cider!

We didn't end up purchasing this book because the cover scared Luke...but it was our plan to read Spooky Pookie.  

What a fun Fall morning with friends!

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