Lindsay Gill: Toddlers learn by playing and doing: a Koala Crate review

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Toddlers learn by playing and doing: a Koala Crate review

Disclosure: We received two Koala Crates in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own.  The links included are referral links and will give us each $10 off of our crates, thank you!

On my days off with Luke, I try to keep us busy.  One of our outings is to visit the arts and crafts store and come up with a project together.  We get a lollipop at the door and stroll the isles, picking out materials for our newest creation.  It's not ideal as it usually ends up costing more than it should, can take a while, and sometimes Luke even loses interest before we start our project!

This is why I was excited to hear about Koala Crate through my friend Danielle.  With the belief that children learn by playing and doing, Koala Crate has made it easier and more convenient to build, explore, and create with preschool aged children.

The Koala Crate is for children ages 3-4, but they also offer three other crates for older children.  We had the opportunity to try out a Koala Crate for ourselves!  It was perfect timing because Luke was feeling under the weather.  I knew he needed to stay busy but stay somewhat low-key.

Here's a peek into the Music and Rhythm box we received.  I have always loved getting mail, I can imagine that receiving this box as a little one would be so exciting each time!  It is filled with such unique materials and is so visually appealing!

We started with the rhythm game.  We used the included "guiro & stick" and rhythm sheets to make patterns.  I was impressed that Luke could follow along and repeat tap and scrape patterns using the rhythm sheets!

I like that the "grownup assistant" manual comes with extra ideas for play.  This way, we can return to the same box and continue with the activity further at a later time.

Next, we made a singing trumpet!  We used the included trumpet tube, added stickers, used a tissue and rubber band, and were able to make a buzzing trumpet "toot toot" sound!

Lastly, we worked on our "dancing silk!"  This is when we moved into the kitchen to "dye" a white scarf with drink mix.  This is one activity I definitely wouldn't have come up with myself but that Luke really had fun with!  Once the scarf was dyed, he could move and dance around with it!  I think this was his first time feeling a silky texture.

Koala Crate has also partnered with Highlights and Luke's box included a Highlights "magazine."  He immediately said "read this to me, mommy" when he saw it, so I knew it was a good fit for him!

I love that the box includes materials that I would not have found myself.  They are divided up by what is needed for each activity, so we didn't have to buy a whole package of tissue paper, for example, for the one piece we needed!  Luke was fully engaged in each activity so I think they were perfectly on target for age appropriate ideas.   The activities were different enough so that he had renewed interest each time we moved onto a new activity.

Koala Crate has different subscription plans and all come with free shipping.  I think this is such a cost efficient and time efficient way to keep Luke learning and engaged, especially since the colder weather is around the corner and since my activity prep time will be more limited when the baby arrives.  Overall, I was completely satisfied with my first experience with Koala Crate!  I would love to hear about your Koala Crate experience!

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