Lindsay Gill: Pregnancy update: 34 weeks and Chicco’s NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System #chicconaturalfit

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pregnancy update: 34 weeks and Chicco’s NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System #chicconaturalfit

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Surprise! We're pregnant!  34 weeks today.  And yes, this is the first time I'm mentioning it on the blog!  For the privacy of our family, I have chosen to keep this a secret until now (from the blog world, anyway!)  Maybe you suspected this when I shared the baby girl nursery a ways back, it's a girl! 
This pregnancy has been very different than the first.  The chances of getting gestational diabetes again was very high, especially since I was on insulin last time.  They gave me an early glucose test that I passed, and then I passed the regular glucose test as well!  I started crying with happiness on the phone when the nurse gave me the results.  I just can't believe it.  In fact, I don't believe it, and have been doing my best to follow the gestational diabetes diet that was prescribed to me last round, just in case.  

I've been feeling good, and scared to feel this good.  It's been going by so much quicker than last time.  As I went down a tunnel slide at the playground and was greeted with Braxton Hicks contractions at the bottom of the slide, I thought, "this is something I was not doing last pregnancy!"

Since the pregnancy has been a world of a difference from the first, it's reasonable to suspect that our breastfeeding and bottle feeding experience will be different as well.  We had a rough start with breastfeeding as I was certainly over-pumping until we got into a routine.  We found that it was pure trial and error with bottle feeding with the types of nipples and bottles.  

That's why I was excited to hear about Chicco’s NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System.  This is a new line for me and I wanted to share the details with you as well.  The best part about the system is that it is designed for the changing feeding styles of babies with three different nipple shapes for each feeding development stage.  This line is a must-try for us, especially since Chicco guarantees that you will be satisfied with this line of bottles, or you get a refund!

The bottle nipples are made from extra-soft silicone and the texture and shape allows the baby to easy transition back and forth between bottle and nipple.  This is crucial as I plan to continue working part-time and the baby will have to bottle feed for those two days.  It is a terrible feeling to leave for work and wonder if your newborn will be able to eat without you.  I also really like that Chicco comes with a pacifier in the same line, I think we confused Luke with one shape pacifier and another shape bottle nipple.  

Stage one "Newborn flow" bottles are wider for the newborn latch and proper neck positioning.  They come in 5 oz. and 8 oz. bottles and are anti-colic by reducing air ingestion.

Stage two "Adjustable Flow" bottles have a rounder based nipple and have adjustable flow as the baby's appetite increases.

Stage three "Fast Flow" bottles are ready for increased suction strength and have elongated nipples for a more efficient sucking pattern. 

I also like the easy-to-hold shape of the bottle and the sturdy feel to them.  They seem easy to clean, which is a huge plus, too.  And guess what? Influence Central is hosting a contest through which your readers can enter to win one of 18 tiered Chicco Prize Packs.  Be sure to enter below!  The contest opens on September 9, 2015 and closes September 30, 2015.  (*IC will randomly select 18 winners from all tiered program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.)
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