Lindsay Gill: Oh hey, Friday! #neverforget and a little of everything

Friday, September 11, 2015

Oh hey, Friday! #neverforget and a little of everything

September Farm is one of my favorites to follow.  It's been quite a while since I've linked up with her "oh hey, Friday" link-up!  So here goes...

1.  I'm taking these words from my post in 2013 because it has not changed and of course it's weighing heavily on my mind today.  "I'm sure you remember where you were 12 (now 14) years ago today.  I was in 8th grade, in Mrs. Haar's social studies classroom.  She got a phone call and ran out of the room.  Her daughter worked in NYC but was okay.  Many people were not okay.  Many people lost husbands, wives, children, moms, dads, siblings, and friends."  A few of my patients now have lung cancer from smoke inhalation from that day.  The effects from that day are with us everyday.  We lost a cousin in the towers that day and our family will never be the same.

via and painted using Waterlogue app
With all of the current world crises, I don't have anything monumental to suggest or a call to action, making me feel silly to even write a post today.  Like many, I feel overwhelmed, helpless, and scared.  I feel scared especially for my son, and all of the children of the world.  I do know that I have to be the best wife and mom that I can be, and blogging is that creative outlet that allows me a little time to just speak.  And my gosh, what a privilege it is to be able to do that!  So on a lighter note...

2.  Luke and I did a cool project this morning.  I find that toys we buy just don't keep him interested and that we have to come up with more "Montessori-like" activities.  "Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds" has been a great resource!  We used this idea today and bought some clothespins at Target, colored thenmwith markers, and then pinned them to some small cabinet shelves we had.  

3.  We're loving our new laundry hamper that is similar to this.  Our laundry is on our first floor now with ranch living so a laundry hamper with wheels seemed like the way to go!  

4.  A long story short, I think Luke is having growing pains and he's been waking up several times per night.  We seem to be at the tail end of this and he is sleeping better.  Do you have experience with growing pains?  A friend suggested essential oil massage, have you tried this?

5.  Weekend plans?  Luke has a birthday party tomorrow.  My friend is home for the weekend so I hope to get together with her!  I'd love to go for a walk, do some Fall cleaning...maybe make a delicious meal or two!  What is on your weekend agenda?

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