Lindsay Gill: The best book for infants and toddlers: Pint Size Productions

Friday, July 10, 2015

The best book for infants and toddlers: Pint Size Productions

Disclosure: I received a complimentary board book in exchange for this review, but all of these opinions are my own.

This is a package that I truly couldn't wait for!  I am so excited to share this company with you, and think that this is the best book for any infant or toddler.

You may be familiar with my photo book obsession, but Snapfish does not currently offer a board book option.  That is why I went in search for a company that does offer board books, and came across Pint Size Productions, which happens to be in Western New York right near my in-laws!

Luke has definitely entered a stage in which he can remember faces and names, and often talks about his cousins in Buffalo.  We try to see them as often as possible, but wanted another way to feel close to them.

I was able to create a book with all of their photos, and included a small rhyming text portion, too!  Luke will still rip pages of the paperbacks, and doesn't quick have the dexterity to turn each page just yet, so the board books are perfect.

I also made one as a birthday gift for Luke's friend, Graham, and it was a great way to capture their journey as friends thus far.  The familiar faces keep them interested, and I can tailor the text to their interests, too!

The book was very easy to make and the site is very user friendly.  The only aspect that I had to adjust to is that each time you hit "save," the site assumes you are saving to work on it later and closes the book, rather than incessantly hitting "save" after each change in fear that you will lose the book.

I was impressed with their customer service department that responded to me very quickly, and I received email updates about the progress of my book production.  The company actually does mass board book production, as well, if you have that on your bucket list!

If you don't feel up to starting from scratch, you can even personalize their already laid out books, or even personalize a Sandra Boynton book!


My next project is to make an ABC board book with photos of animals from our zoo visits!  
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