Lindsay Gill: 5 ways to instantly declutter

Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 ways to instantly declutter

For whatever reason, this scenario has stuck with me.  My husband and dad were grilling.  They are always so proud of themselves next to that grill.  We buy the food, prepare the food, marinate the food, and then they stand near the food.  But they kept telling us that the way to successful grilling was that they "had a system."  I'm not even sure what they were talking about, but having a system is actually a great concept!

We now live in a ranch.  I didn't realize that this would force us to keep the whole house cleaner rather than just tidying the first floor where the guests would be.  Since I don't have a day or chunk of time for cleaning like we did pre-Luke, I've realized that we really need a system to keep things organized.

Here is the system that I'm working on:

This is a real scene from my room at work. Without a system.
1.  Unsubscribe from 5 emails per day.  My internet life is often just as crazy as my life real.  Where is that email I need?  Where is that address?  I have a separate email for stores and promotions only.

2.  I have short cuts on my computer search bar for bills that need to be paid each month.  I've got most of them on automatic payment, but my most helpful change is adding the dates that the bills have been paid so I know I am set with that bill until next month.  For example, I have "verizon 5/14" which means that Verizon is paid and I don't have to worry about it until June.  Then, go paperless for each bill so that there is not a constant flow of useless mail coming into the house.

3.  Our town has almost monthly collections from a charity.  I can spend a month filling bags and then schedule a pick up.  This has been huge!  I can help the community without even leaving our home.  

4.  Develop a photo system.  I have heard that a lot of people, including myself, have anxiety over losing pictures that are only "in a cloud."  I purchased external storage and clear them off of my computer and phone about once per month.  

5.  Start a collectibles box.  Luke has artwork, we have random photos and cards from people that we are not ready to part with.  Either take a picture of it and throw away the real thing, or have a designated spot, ours is in a bin in the basement, where these can stay safe for now.

PS This is the first time in a long time that Luke has slept in.  I've got a cup of coffee and I'm enjoying a few minutes to myself.  And I've already showered! 

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