Lindsay Gill: A toddler in Connecticut

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A toddler in Connecticut

Here's a list of things we've done...and things we want to do!  I'm creating this list to share, but also as a list for DaddyLukey time this summer, and the list cannot be lost of thrown away!  Please leave a comment with more ideas!  

I'm loving HulaFrog that lists great "local things for kids to do!"  Many of our ideas come from there.

The New Children's Museum: We used a Groupon which brought our admission to $8.50 each with children under 2 years free.  Otherwise, adults are $14.75 and kids are $13.75.  Pros:  There is a small play are for children under 4 and an area of all foam blocks that I think we could have played with all day.  Cons: There were a million big kids from field trips so it got really crowded for a little guy, and they were on their "Spineless Creature" doesn't like spiders, and they're hard for a little guy to spot.  He was able to see some animals like a fox, owl, and turtle.  Next time I'd wait for a different exhibit and I would call to see how many field trips were scheduled that day.

Brooksvale Park, 524 Brooksvale Ave, Hamden CT: A small FREE farm right off of the bike trail.  With a small playground and a few swings.  About 10 bunnies, 2 lambs, 1 goat, chickens, and 2 horses.  Has a big field for running (unless there are sports scheduled) and hiking trails in the back.  Free, and Luke can run around, we bring his ball to play with, and end up walking a few miles before or after.

Bliss Park: Longmeadow, MA. A free playground for kids of all ages.  There is section designated for little ones.  Next to a big field for running, and a pool (there are fees and memberships for the pool).  WWGB: We're in that area when we visit my parents, so yes.  Not necessarily worth a long drive and can get very crowded!

Shoreline Trolley Museum: We went for their "Meet the Easter Bunny" event.  A little pricey for a short ride ($10.00 per person over 2yrs), and maybe appreciated more by kids 2+.

Pioneer Gymnastics (MA): One hour of open gym free play for kids 1-4 years old for $9.00 per kid.  Luke has gone a few times and lasts about 45 minutes there.  More crowded at some times than others but a fun option.  It's also air conditioned in the summer.

Hubbard Park: If you're looking to feed very hungry ducks,  this is your place!   Has a nice playground, too.  We've gone for a hike there, or up the paved road to the "castle" with a great view.

Imagine Nation: Loved this one!  Website says age 2-10 but Luke was fine at 15 months.  He loved the mini play kitchen and mini kindergarten class.  There was a play area outside fenced in that we enjoyed, and musical instruments.  As a mommy, I loved their small snack area with healthy and toddler friendly snacks like bananas, squeeze pouch apple sauce, and string cheese.  At $4 per person with a Groupon, and under 2 years free, we would definitely go back.  Free parking in the back, and birthday parties available.  

Lake Compounce:  We've gone twice now and it is very crowded! We tried the two water areas with Luke and he had a great time but was devastated that he was required to wear a provided life jacket.  We didn't get a chance to check out the kiddie rides or carousel so I'd like to go back and see how he likes them.  He was a little scared by the roller coaster going by so quickly but got used to it.

To be continued with...

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