Lindsay Gill: 5 Toddler indoor activities to get through this winter!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

5 Toddler indoor activities to get through this winter!

Let's get through this winter with a toddler!  This article really got me thinking.  I want the best for my Luke, but sometimes more things are the very worst thing for him.  As we get stir crazy inside over this long winter, I try to brainstorm what thing I could get him, purchase for him, to keep him busy, keep him learning, keep him happy.  While I browse through the internet and store isles, there is nothing that catches my eye, or even catches his eye.  He's not interested in another toy.  He wants mommy to play with him.  He wants to learn.  He wants to experience.  What I should spend my time doing, instead of shopping for him, is come up with Montessori-like ideas for playtime.  Things we have around the house would be best.  Here is what we came up with...with some Pinterest inspiration of course.

1.  Ball pit

2.  Helping in the kitchen.  Baking cookies.  Helping do dishes with a step stool is a favorite.

3.  Put Cheerios on a skewer in Play Dough.

4.  This was a tub from under the washing machine.  With Pastina and lots of containers and cups.  I would suggest starting with something a little larger like penne...

5.  You don't need an easel to paint!  But Luke was able to use crayons and Q-tips for painting and had a great time.

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