Lindsay Gill: Toddler life: best products for age two

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Toddler life: best products for age two

Luke just turned two in January!  Life is moving quickly around here...literally!  Luke does laps around our new ranch-style home.  On one occasion, I was chasing him round 'n round.  Suddenly, the pitter-patter of toddler running stopped.  You learn that toddler silence is frightening!  Luckily, I found him sitting calmly at his toddler table, deep into one of his books.  He is certainly keeping us on our toes, into one thing after another!

We have entered the age of potty training.  I'm simply following Luke's lead.  He is really interested.  I think he is motivated by his hatred for anything remotely wet, dirty, etc.  He's also eating by himself, another messy activity.  Everything "by myself" and "my turn!" in this phase so far!

Here are some of the products that have helped us in our new two year old fast, messy, and exciting phase!
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1.  OXO Tot Twist Lid Straw Cup: We have tried a number of cups and these are the favorites.  I find that they spill the least and seem to help Luke get the liquid in the best.  Luke is slowly starting to use "regular" cups too, and he is doing well so I think these have helped with the transition.

2.  Prince Lionheart Booster: I found mine on Craigslist and I am thrilled with it! It fits the best under tables (we have another that doesn't fit as well.) It has a really soft seat and cleans off easily.  I actually like the look of it, too.

3.  KidKraft Step 'n Store:  We have a love-hate relationship with this step stool.  Luke loves it so much as it is a gateway to many "big kid" activities.  This means he can help wash dishes, or reach the stove. We do put it away when we are not with him because it has been dangerous.  I like that it cannot slam onto fingers.  Luke loves washing his hands after potty, and this is way easier than doing that funny lift and extend move to help him reach without it!

4.  3 Piece Summer Infant Lil' Loo Potty:  We gave Luke this potty around 18 months to get him used to it.  He loved sitting on it right away.  The taller part in the front is crucial for boys (if they are learning to sit at first).  Luke now loves emptying his potty into the bigger potty and he is able to with this one.

5.  Tom's of Maine Fluoride Free Children's Toothpaste:  I'm so happy that Luke can finally use this toothpaste.  The training toothpaste felt like we were brushing his teeth with pure sugar.

6.  OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set:  Luke is starting to like adult silverware.  It scares me because it seems to sharp if there is one wrong move.  I love this set because of the chunky handles, yet they can actually pick up food well.

What have you found to be helpful in the toddler years?

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