Lindsay Gill: Oh hey, Friday: 02.27.15

Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh hey, Friday: 02.27.15

I'm taking a page out of Karli's book from September Farm and joining the gals for Oh Hey, Friday!  Here are five random tidbits about life over here at the Gill's.

1.  I have been so scared about the collapsing roof epidemic that I can't sleep.  Every tiny snap, crackle, or pop is enough to send me running...into the -20 degree weather.  Like at 4:30 am the other morning, for example, when I packed up my poor little Luke and drove over to my mom's house in fear that our roof was collapsing.  John Paul decided that he would stay and "get some shut eye."  Luckily, our house has been fine, knock on wood.  I laid with Luke at my parents' house and he looked at me and said, "Mommy? This is fun!"  Little sweetheart loved our adventure.  Needless to say, I'm excited for Spring like everyone else.

2.  I'm not content with this blog!  I've considered changing the name (I'd love to hear your feedback) since I'm not writing much about teething rings, and certainly less about wedding rings.  I've definitely considered stopping all together for family privacy, but I do still enjoy it.

3.  Luke just got his first legitimate "cold" since his adenoid and ear tube surgery.  Makes me so thankful for the months of health that he has had!

4.   I've tried to stay on a semi-spending freeze as I clear out extra things in the house.  I got the itch for some retail therapy this morning, though, but avoided it!

5.  What's up for this weekend?  Not a whole lot!  John Paul and I have been watching the Bachelor on Mondays and I find myself getting excited for that!

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