Lindsay Gill: Planning a Barney Birthday party

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Planning a Barney Birthday party

We planned Luke's Barney birthday party last minute.  Between moving and the holidays, we just didn't have our act together!  Luckily, even though his friends were busy and/or sick, most of the family could attend!  Here's how we pulled off a great Barney party:

1.  We rented a Barney costume from a woman in town.  If you are in the Western MA area and are interested, email me and I'll give you her contact information.  My younger brother was kind enough to wear the costume!

2.  I downloaded a bunch of Barney songs for the background music.  My grandfather played kid songs while Barney danced around, and we even did a little parade!

3.   We had bagels, donuts, egg casserole, muffins, ham, and purple/green grapes along with juice and coffee.  My cousin made a Barney cake!  Again, if you're in my area, email me for her contact information, she does a beautiful job with cakes!

4.  I had a small Barney ready for the birthday boy and a wrapped book for Luke's cousin for Barney to hand out.

5.  I found balloons on Amazon's not easy to find Barney things right now! With Amazon Prime, we had everything on time!  To fill them with helium, I had to pay the store as if I bought the balloon from them!  Not ideal!

I have always felt grateful for my family coming to celebrate my birthdays, but it is a whole new level of gratefulness that I feel when they come to celebrate my son.  Everyone is so generous and it is so awesome to see how much they love Luke.  The loving family and friends are the backbone to any party.  If you've got that, then all of the details will fall into place.

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