Lindsay Gill: 7 Awesome house ideas! Creative, functional, and on our house bucket list

Sunday, January 25, 2015

7 Awesome house ideas! Creative, functional, and on our house bucket list

I wanted to compile a House Bucket list.  I've come across so many creative, unique, and helpful ideas for homes that help keep things organized and running smoothly.

If you've been following our Gill Renovation, you have seen that we did some major projects since closing in October.  I feel relieved that the major projects are done, and excited to start some smaller projects.  I do get frustrated that I don't have to tools or knowledge to do them!  Maybe over time I'll get more of both.  Here's my list so far, and maybe you can help me add to it!

1.  Hidden Cutting Board above the trash: Reduced spilling during transfer from cutting board to trash.  Probably safer since you're not moving things all around the kitchen with a sharp knife.

2.  Hang wine glasses: We are working on replacing the old pantry doors with beautiful glass consignment doors I found for only $20! I would love to eventually put these wood pieces on the tops of the shelves so we can hang the glasses upside down.  I assume these stay less dusty this way, too.

3.  Reading Closet: What a cool yet organized way to display books!  I don't like collecting my books but I think this is an awesome idea for Luke's books!

4.  Recycling Doors: This is by far my favorite.  I think it might actually be feasible if we make the holes from our front closet into the garage.  I want to be diligent about recycling, and Luke has been collecting bottles to make money!

5.  Mail shutter: Simple yet effective.

6.  Hidden Drying Rack:  I love keeping things out of the way when they are not in use, yet nearby for when you need them.

7.  Convenient Ingredients: Maybe not until Luke is older.

Have you come across any home ideas that you hope to use one day?

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