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Monday, December 22, 2014

Our unplanned kitchen renovation: Kitchen Appliances

Our big renovation was the walls and floors.  We were very content leaving the kitchen as a "later project".  There were old appliances that were working fine during the inspection.

Then it was pointed out that we can't guarantee that they work now that they have been jostled from the work on the floors.  It was also pointed out that if the dishwasher or refrigerator broke, they could leak all over our new floors. And what if you're hosting a holiday and then everything stops working.  And these appliances are really not energy efficient, your bill is going to be astronomical.  Just sayin'.

We went to Sears during the Black Friday sales and I was unprepared for the purchase.  We didn't have our measurements.  We didn't have any appliance knowledge.  Heck, I didn't even have my wallet. Whoops.

Luckily, I went to another Sears during their Cyber Monday sales week where a completely knowledgeable gentleman was able to help me.  I knew he was the salesman for me when I saw that he had exotropia.  I opened a Sears credit card with 30 months 0% APR and all kinds of discounts. I have to admit that I didn't really believe in Black Friday.  I worked at the LOFT and knew how sales worked...the sales all changed but the price generally stayed about the same.  Well I now believe in Black Friday.  I got a much better deal on these appliances than the current prices!  If you can wait until Black Friday of next year for your purchase, I would highly suggest that.

We ended up getting 4 appliances that I am really happy with so far!  Here's what we ended up with...

Both sets of our parents suggested a freezer on the bottom refrigerator.  We had two rounds of freezer on the bottom refrigerators that I was not thrilled with and wanted to give the side by side a shot.  We do freeze our leftovers and I hope to do more meal prepping so I wanted more freezer organization.  I have only seen one or two refrigerators where the water and ice dispenser still work so I wanted to stay away from that.  The salesman said that there is usually no warranty on the dispensers, too.  We did notice that the right door sat higher than the left.  The delivery man told us that it would lower over time since the heavier drinks would be on the right side.  I thought for sure that he was.... "pulling our leg" but it actually has become more level.  So far, I really like it!  No, we can't fit any pizza boxes or sheet cakes but that has not been an issue thus far.

That's my name tag on the top left, not part of the fridge!
Hello fingerprints!  Toddlers + stainless steel = fingerprints.  But I'm loving this dishwasher!  We got the one with the buttons on the inside almost by accident but that really worked out.  Luke resets my mom's dishwasher constantly!  The important point here is NOISE LEVEL.  Since we're in a ranch, I thought it was more important for a quiet one.  The salesman said that at a certain level, they are all very quiet and you don't necessarily need the "quiestest one."  The lower the dcb level, the quieter.  My mom suggested that I bring some dishes to Sears to make sure they fit.  I didn't follow her advice but I'm happy with how my dishes fit in here!

Pardon the continued renovation.  But here's the electric stove/oven.  Love it so far!  I applied the special top cleaner and intend to take the very best care of my new friend!  This heats up really quickly, has 5 burners on top, and 3 shelves inside.  

A simple countertop microwave that we are happy with.  JP really wanted an over-the-stove microwave but we would have had to tear down more cabinets etc.  This was the cheapest one, and fits decently on our side counter.  We were able to use our rewards from the Sears card to get it for free!

We're waiting on the backsplash and then I can reveal the whole accidental kitchen renovation!  Have you ever had an accidental renovation?

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