Lindsay Gill: A shout out to my friends, and a prayer for Luke's friends

Monday, November 3, 2014

A shout out to my friends, and a prayer for Luke's friends

I remember sharing a grilled cheese with Christopher.  I remember riding in a car with Jared.  I remember playing on the playground with Sarah.  I remember doing arts and crafts with Rebecca.  I remember walking to school with Cait.  I remember doing a group project with Ashley.  I remember dancing in Home Ec. with Meghan.  I remember running track with Geetha.  I remember straightening my hair with Erin.  I remember doing Biology homework with Jess.  I remember laughing with Taylor and Kellen.

I remember talking to Dan when my parents dropped me at college for the first time.  I remember visiting the nursing home with Ali.  I remember stomping out heels and singing with Lauren and Lauren.  I remember studying with Marissa.  I remember exploring Buffalo with Amanda.  I remember hanging and organizing clothes at the Loft with Beth.  I remember meeting my husband for the first time at Jack Astor's bar.  I remember Jen standing next to me as I got married.  I remember Cheryl helping me acclimate to my new job when pregnant.

What I didn't understand until now is how a mom feels when their child has a good friend.  Until I dropped off Luke and Julianna came up to him, thumb in mouth, looking into Luke's eyes and smiling.  As I walked away, he was crying, but he had Julianna next to him.  Each morning, she greets him with her raggity pillow and smile.  Somehow, this is such a comfort to me.  A familiar face.  Someone who is also supposed to be independent at a mere 20 months old.

Of course I pray for Luke's future spouse.  But possibly more relevant right now, I pray for Luke to have great friends.  Friends that keep him company throughout the day when mommy and daddy are working.  Friends that are gentle and don't hit.  Friends that love to learn, that are enthusiastic.  There will be evil, sadness, sickness in the world.  But I pray that especially when I am not by his side, he has wonderful friends along the way.  I certainly did, and I thank every single one of them!  And I'm sure my mom does too.

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