Lindsay Gill: My 10 that I have a toddler

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My 10 that I have a toddler

I had a patient today ask me what my hobbies were.  Just trying to make small talk.  But the "interesting" part was my response.  I pretended to finish typing something to gain time to think.   Then I slowly turned to him with a mouth open stare and responded, "I don't know."  I followed-up with, "I have a toddler."

In my defense, I haven't been on first dates or an interview for a while...I didn't have my answer canned and ready to go.  I guess in the past, I would have said jogging, but now I couldn't even tell you where my sneakers are.  

The truth is that I have many things that I like to do: any arts and crafts, consign, cook, calligraphy, sew, photography, blog, jog...none of these give me as much joy as the following ten current "hobbies:"

1.  Coming downstairs in the morning and having four sippy cups clean and ready for daycare.

2.  Luke laying still for a diaper change, or sitting in his car seat without the karate leg chop maneuver even if it involves letting him hold the thermometer.  (Oh it's not cruel! You know that maneuver.)

3.  Pulling away Luke's dinner tray just before he wipes (flings) all if his food and ketchup across the room in effort to tell us he's done.  

4.  Having this conversation...
Luke: This.
Me: This? 
Luke: No.
Repeat 100 times until he grins, nods his head and says "yah!"

5.  Getting a report from school that says "nap: 12:30-2:30."

6.  Luke blowing kisses before bed while saying "mah."

7.  Luke running full speed, legs faster than body, down an incline and somehow managing to stay upright.  

8.  Hanging up Luke's "artwork" from school.  

9.  Looking through all of his photos when he goes to sleep.

10.  Every stinkin' thing about that little guy! He's tiring and full of energy, life, and  joy! Sometimes I literally can't keep up.  But he's such an angel and we thank God everyday that we get to be with him.  I'd give up my "hobbies" one million times over to be with my Luke.  

What are some of your mama-of-a-toddler hobbies? Do you still manage to keep up with your pre-mama hobbies?

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