Lindsay Gill: Moving Checklist: 1 month countdown

Friday, October 3, 2014

Moving Checklist: 1 month countdown

No, you didn't miss anything, I haven't announced a move.  Maybe you can connect the dots, but I don't want to announce anything before it actually happens.  

Change your address through the USPS official address change form.  There are a few options when you google address change form, make sure it's the one through USPS, it should only cost about $1.00.  You can do this in advance.

Start showing your children pictures of the new house, or drive by the new house so that it won't be totally foreign to them.  Let them be a part of the transition.  

Continue to purge! Go through my 31 day organization challenge to start going through some spaces you might otherwise forget.  I'm really going to regret doing a total purge as soon as we're eating dinner on a cardboard box in the new place.  But for now, it's calming to have less.

Keep packing!  One box per night, you'll be thankful later!

Continue to list companies that will require a change of card company, bank etc.

Schedule to get utilities into your name and out of your name at the old place.  It is cheaper just to transfer rather than end and restart them.

What else should be done at the one month countdown mark?

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