Lindsay Gill: Our moving nightmare

Monday, September 1, 2014

Our moving nightmare

"We're going to be a little late," the mover told me over the phone. They were to arrive the next day around 3 pm.

Not a problem, I thought.  I was driving, doing some last minute errands. John Paul had already left for CT as he was starting his new job before my school ended.  I was about 3 months pregnant and packing up our house for the final move.

"Great, so we'll see you in a few hours," he concluded.

"WHAT? You are coming tomorrow.  What do you mean in a few hours?!" I responded.

"M'am, I don't know what happened but we'll be there soon."

Holy smokes.  I sped home to start emptying drawers into cardboard boxes.  Literally tipping the drawers upside down into the box and sealing it with tape.  Granted, I should have been completely packed by now, but I just wasn't.  A man was putting acrylic on our bathtub and the house smelled like poison, unfit for a pregnant mama-to-be.

The movers arrived and had to tape towels around their mouths in order to breath while moving the boxes because of the putrid smell of the bathtub.

Meanwhile, my mom met up with John Paul to start putting our CT condo together with everything John Paul brought, only to find out that he filled the back of the truck solely with outdoor decor and wreaths.

Everything made it to CT and with no damage, so it certainly could have been worse.  But it certainly could have been better.  My next series of posting will be on moving, and this time with a toddler.  I'm hoping to organize my to-do lists so that if we move in the near future, we will have an easier transition than last time!

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