Lindsay Gill: Moving Checklist: 6 week countdown

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moving Checklist: 6 week countdown

See the 2 month moving checklist here.  Now for the 6 week moving checklist...

Continue to decrease the amount of things by selling, donating, and throwing away or recycling.

Start collecting the paperwork necessary to change your car registration if you're moving to a new state.  For example, we can't find my husband's car title and had to request a new one.  

Get home insurance ready. 

If there is family nearby your new house (that doesn't mind), start bringing the packed "fragile" boxes over so that they don't get destroyed on moving day.

Start paying more attention to the non-perishable foods you're purchasing.  It would be best to use all foods up before you go!

Look at your current lease if you're renting.  At one point, ours required us to have the rugs professionally cleaned which is something that should be lined up right about now!

Keep on packin'! Maybe one per night? 

What else should be done at this 6 weeks until moving countdown mark?

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