Lindsay Gill: Moving Checklist: 2 month countdown

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving Checklist: 2 month countdown

Did you read about my moving nightmare? Due to that nightmare, I'm determined to have a better moving experience for our next move.  Let's start at the 2 month moving countdown...

Announce.  Whether you're ending a lease or leaving a day care, many things require at least a 30 day notice in order to avoid penalty.

Are you going to use a moving company?  My last move was covered by my new job and was a six hour move.  For a shorter move, we might try and do it on our own and save some money.  Either way, send a "save the date" for your friends to help, or get scheduled with a moving company.  Moving companies are not created equally!  Do your research and ideally get a personal recommendation from a friend.  This post says as a reward for your friends and family that help, give them first dibs on anything you planned to sell!

Decrease.  You have 2 months to sell, consign, donate, or throw away many things.  I opened a "renovation fund" and am putting all profits in there.  That way, I can feel comfortable and guilt-free when I eventually decorate the next home.

Start making a list of all mail that you receive and would like to continue to receive so that you can change your address with them once it's official.

Start collecting boxes.  We saved the boxes from our move but need packing tape to reassemble them.  The clothing boxes were great!  You can also find a ton through Craiglist for very cheap or free.  You have to be picky, though, as we found some poor quality boxes for our last move that weren't suitable for a long move.

Order supplies.  You can order bubble wrap online and packing tape online.

Start packing!  If you know you won't be using the china in the next two months, start packing it.  Keep your Sharpie handy and label things by items, fragility, and even which room they should go.

What else should be tackled at the two month countdown?

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