Lindsay Gill: 6 easy steps to DIY Watercolor Coasters Gift

Saturday, September 27, 2014

6 easy steps to DIY Watercolor Coasters Gift

I recently made DIY Watercolor coasters for my mom as a gift, and as a gift for a family friend.  They were a great hit! A unique, thoughtful, and cost efficient gift for the women or men in your life!  Here's how I did it using an iPhone and a Windows computer.

1.  Gather or take 6 photos.  Save them to your iPhone (either take the photo with your phone or email the photo to yourself and save it to your "photos.")

2.  Use the Waterlogue App to transform your photo into a watercolor painting.  The app is $2.99.  I printed these through Snapfish in the past.  But let's take this one step further this time...

3.  Save the watercolor painting back to your computer (send it back through email and save photos to "documents.")

4.  Upload the photos to Snapfish (Shutterfly also has a coasters option but I liked Snapfish's better.) Find their "coasters" option here.

via Snapfish
5.  Be sure to "crop and align" each photo to make sure the photo comes out properly on each coaster.  For whatever reason, these projects don't save as the photo books do, so you have to add them to the cart after you align them.  They come in a set of 6.

6.  Wait for a 50-55% off coupon either through email or online.  There is always a coupon for Snapfish so don't pay full price!

Want to save even more money?  Sign up for ebates and order through that site for 10% cash back!  I've been using Ebates and it's really starting to add up.

Be sure to share your finished coasters with me!  I'd love to see them!

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