Lindsay Gill: September 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

6 easy steps to DIY Watercolor Coasters Gift

I recently made DIY Watercolor coasters for my mom as a gift, and as a gift for a family friend.  They were a great hit! A unique, thoughtful, and cost efficient gift for the women or men in your life!  Here's how I did it using an iPhone and a Windows computer.

1.  Gather or take 6 photos.  Save them to your iPhone (either take the photo with your phone or email the photo to yourself and save it to your "photos.")

2.  Use the Waterlogue App to transform your photo into a watercolor painting.  The app is $2.99.  I printed these through Snapfish in the past.  But let's take this one step further this time...

3.  Save the watercolor painting back to your computer (send it back through email and save photos to "documents.")

4.  Upload the photos to Snapfish (Shutterfly also has a coasters option but I liked Snapfish's better.) Find their "coasters" option here.

via Snapfish
5.  Be sure to "crop and align" each photo to make sure the photo comes out properly on each coaster.  For whatever reason, these projects don't save as the photo books do, so you have to add them to the cart after you align them.  They come in a set of 6.

6.  Wait for a 50-55% off coupon either through email or online.  There is always a coupon for Snapfish so don't pay full price!

Want to save even more money?  Sign up for ebates and order through that site for 10% cash back!  I've been using Ebates and it's really starting to add up.

Be sure to share your finished coasters with me!  I'd love to see them!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Easy, fun, and cheap toddler activities

Luke and I had a MamaLukey day for the first time in a while, and we needed some fun toddler activities to fill our day.  

We dropped off some bags of things at the drive-through Goodwill (so easy!) and dropped a few bags at the consignment store.

Next to the consignment a pet store!  They had about 50 puppies.  We were almost the only ones there, and the employee said that we could pick a few to play with in a separate room.  Luke had a blast!  He was slightly scared, but mostly in love. 

About a mile down the road is a FroYo place.  We got some frozen yogurt with delicious strawberries and blueberries, Luke's favorite!  They had a cartoon playing, and again, we were almost the only ones there.  This was such a perfect afternoon together.  So perfect, that we just did the same thing today, with daddy!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moving Checklist: 6 week countdown

See the 2 month moving checklist here.  Now for the 6 week moving checklist...

Continue to decrease the amount of things by selling, donating, and throwing away or recycling.

Start collecting the paperwork necessary to change your car registration if you're moving to a new state.  For example, we can't find my husband's car title and had to request a new one.  

Get home insurance ready. 

If there is family nearby your new house (that doesn't mind), start bringing the packed "fragile" boxes over so that they don't get destroyed on moving day.

Start paying more attention to the non-perishable foods you're purchasing.  It would be best to use all foods up before you go!

Look at your current lease if you're renting.  At one point, ours required us to have the rugs professionally cleaned which is something that should be lined up right about now!

Keep on packin'! Maybe one per night? 

What else should be done at this 6 weeks until moving countdown mark?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Moving Stress: Cut back on the stress of moving

  stress free moving 

Hello there readers of From Wedding Rings to Teething Rings!  I'm Cassy, I blog over at Exquisitely Chic. I'm a beauty blogger by night, and a military wife by day. Spending the majority of my time taking care of our new puppy and writing thank-you cards after my recent nuptials (which takes much more time than I originally thought).

 Being a military wife you get to be very good at several things; and one of those things is going through the in's, out's and upside-down's of moving. Talk to a veteran wife and they'll tell you it's a piece of cake, but for our first posting back in June, it was anything but. We're still dealing with paperwork that we thought was finished, but isn't. 

Here in Canada, the military provides you with packers, movers and accommodations while you wait for your belongings to arrive at your new home. You're probably thinking that they take care of all the most difficult things, so why am I bothering with this post? Because, the most difficult part of moving is not putting items in boxes, or putting those boxes in a moving truck. It's what leads up to the packing that makes you want to rip your hair out, call it quits and simply live in a motel for the rest of your life. Uhm, did I say that out loud?

 About a month before you're going to be moving you'll want to start purging your house. Throw away anything you haven't used recently, clean up any old food that's in your fridge and, if you're a beauty blogger, this also means you'll want to get rid of any half-empty or unused for months lotions, foundations and shampoos. You'll also want to start eating the food in your cupboards and especially your fridge to save yourself from throwing out too much before you leave your current home. About two weeks out you should start changing addresses (given your new home is empty).

 A week away you've hopefully cleaned up any items you no longer need/want and cleaned up your closet - donate anything that can still be worn that you no longer wear, throw away anything with holes, tears, rips or stains. You should make sure you pack anything you and your children will need for any time you'll be staying in a hotel.

Another great idea is to pack up a "First Night Box" - this would include any blankets, pillows and stuffed animals you and your children would need to sleep. You can also include your iPad loaded with movies. Chances are if your boxes are taken off the truck late at night you might not want to do much that night.

You'll also want to throw away or give away food items that can't be packed with you. This includes refrigerated items and liquids. Set aside any items you'll want to bring in your own vehicle. For us, this was my computer, his laptop, our files and personal documents, his military kit and our guitars. The day you get your stuff packed, or pack your stuff, keep your cleaning supplies out. You'll need it.

After your boxes are all packed onto the moving truck do a thorough cleaning of your house. Wipe off all counters, cabinets and shelves. Spot-clean the walls, vacuum and wash the floors. If you really want to pack up your cleaning products (remember, the movers won't take liquids - you'll have to chuck em, or bring them with you) you can hire someone to come into your home and clean up after you've left. You can also hire someone on the other end to do the same thing with your new home.

 Now's the easy part - get into your car and drive to your new home! Whether you're twenty minutes away or a week away, be sure to enjoy the trip and get to know your new neighbourhood. You'll enjoy being there so much more when you know where your new grocery store and pharmacy is. Good luck with your move, hopefully it will go smoothly and you won't come out the other end with too many grey hairs!

 XOXO - Cassy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to School Giveaway to Target and Starbucks!

Thank you to Val from In Between Life for including me in this great back to school giveaway!  A trip to Target with a Starbucks iced latte in hand sounds like a dream!  Enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving Checklist: 2 month countdown

Did you read about my moving nightmare? Due to that nightmare, I'm determined to have a better moving experience for our next move.  Let's start at the 2 month moving countdown...

Announce.  Whether you're ending a lease or leaving a day care, many things require at least a 30 day notice in order to avoid penalty.

Are you going to use a moving company?  My last move was covered by my new job and was a six hour move.  For a shorter move, we might try and do it on our own and save some money.  Either way, send a "save the date" for your friends to help, or get scheduled with a moving company.  Moving companies are not created equally!  Do your research and ideally get a personal recommendation from a friend.  This post says as a reward for your friends and family that help, give them first dibs on anything you planned to sell!

Decrease.  You have 2 months to sell, consign, donate, or throw away many things.  I opened a "renovation fund" and am putting all profits in there.  That way, I can feel comfortable and guilt-free when I eventually decorate the next home.

Start making a list of all mail that you receive and would like to continue to receive so that you can change your address with them once it's official.

Start collecting boxes.  We saved the boxes from our move but need packing tape to reassemble them.  The clothing boxes were great!  You can also find a ton through Craiglist for very cheap or free.  You have to be picky, though, as we found some poor quality boxes for our last move that weren't suitable for a long move.

Order supplies.  You can order bubble wrap online and packing tape online.

Start packing!  If you know you won't be using the china in the next two months, start packing it.  Keep your Sharpie handy and label things by items, fragility, and even which room they should go.

What else should be tackled at the two month countdown?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Our moving nightmare

"We're going to be a little late," the mover told me over the phone. They were to arrive the next day around 3 pm.

Not a problem, I thought.  I was driving, doing some last minute errands. John Paul had already left for CT as he was starting his new job before my school ended.  I was about 3 months pregnant and packing up our house for the final move.

"Great, so we'll see you in a few hours," he concluded.

"WHAT? You are coming tomorrow.  What do you mean in a few hours?!" I responded.

"M'am, I don't know what happened but we'll be there soon."

Holy smokes.  I sped home to start emptying drawers into cardboard boxes.  Literally tipping the drawers upside down into the box and sealing it with tape.  Granted, I should have been completely packed by now, but I just wasn't.  A man was putting acrylic on our bathtub and the house smelled like poison, unfit for a pregnant mama-to-be.

The movers arrived and had to tape towels around their mouths in order to breath while moving the boxes because of the putrid smell of the bathtub.

Meanwhile, my mom met up with John Paul to start putting our CT condo together with everything John Paul brought, only to find out that he filled the back of the truck solely with outdoor decor and wreaths.

Everything made it to CT and with no damage, so it certainly could have been worse.  But it certainly could have been better.  My next series of posting will be on moving, and this time with a toddler.  I'm hoping to organize my to-do lists so that if we move in the near future, we will have an easier transition than last time!