Lindsay Gill: 10 steps to creating a successful Instashop on Instagram

Monday, August 4, 2014

10 steps to creating a successful Instashop on Instagram

I recently started selling Luke's clothes on Instagram!  More importantly, I've recently been buying many new clothes for Luke and myself on Instagram!  It's addicting!  If you don't want a new addiction, stop here.  If you're interested in picking up a new addiction, read the 10 steps to creating a successful Instashop!

1.  Choose a good username.  Personally, I find that adding the word "closet" to the end makes it easy for other Instashoppers to distinguish you from personal usernames.  

2.  Post a "Feedback" post so that all purchasers can leave some positive feedback when they receive their packages.  If someone is selling items without any feedback, be very cautious because there is a possibility for scamming.  I also like to leave my "sold" purchase posts up so that customers know I've done business successfully in the past.


3.  Post a "policies" post including all shipping and handling details, no returns/exchanges, not responsible once shipped etc.  This reduces the change of getting scammed.

4.  The common method seems to be to "schedule" a post with your followers.  Tell them a few days in advance, then a few hours, then a few minutes so they know you will be "blowing up their feed."  Some shops take off a few dollars if their followers "share" their post and spread the word about the sale.  

5.  When the items are posted, customers leave their paypal email address in order to claim the item.  Some shops "gift" the item so that they are not charged a paypal fee.  I prefer paying the PayPal fee and sending an invoice as proof of purchase.  

6.  Then, I can "create a shipping label" through PayPal.  I bought a small scale on Amazon to weigh the items (Postal Mailing Scale, and Poly Mailers of different sizes (like these POLY MAILERS ENVELOPES BAGS) as well as Priority packing that you can get free from the Post Office.  You can compare the best shipping method through PayPal once you know the dimensions of the package.

7.  Some shops ship everyday, but I prefer to make Friday my shipping day.  If the package goes out before Friday then it's bonus, but I prefer not to have the pressure of promising a next-day-ship.

8.  "Share for share" is when you share someone's item and they share yours.  That seems to be the best exposure for your items.  Of course, when you are just starting off with a few followers, it's not an even share and some people get annoyed with that.

9.  Find your favorite shops.  Once you buy from someone successfully, keep them in mind for next easy purchases! 


10.  Go get some great deals!  I have been getting more money for Luke's clothes than through a consignment shop because I'm getting 100% profit rather than 40%.  My best purchase so far was a pair of Saucony barely used sneakers for Luke shipped for $13.50!

Did I miss something?  Here's an awesome post by Three Boys Closet with some FAQ.
She's got it all covered.

Of note...  
It's much easier to drop the basket of clothes to sell at a consignment shop, but then you get less money.
I've had good luck selling things on eBay, but I tend to use that for more expensive or specific items.
There is an app called ThreadUp that sends you a bag to fill and then they choose which of your clothes to sell and which to donate.  I haven't personally tried them yet.  The fun part for me is that I can buy Luke "new" clothes with the money we made on his old clothes, and it feels like wash for me.  I'm not spending "new" money on clothes!  I started with a shop for my clothes as well, but felt it was easier to combine.  Some shops like to keep them separate.

What do you do with clothes that you don't want anymore?  Have you had luck with any other type of consignment?

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