Lindsay Gill: Toddler: 18 months old

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toddler: 18 months old

As I begin to organize the 3999 (wish I was kidding) photos from the past three months to make Luke's 15-18 month album, I realize how much he's learned and changed during this time.  It really has been three months of huge progress that all started with his ear tubes.

Words:  no, mama, puh-puh (his grandfather), nana, "B," eat, puppy, bue-berry, pasta, muhlk (milk), sigh-sigh (outside), ouch, keys, shoe, socks, mahn (mine), mow (mouth)

Wearing: Starting to figure out that he can take his own diaper off.  All clothes get immediately stained.  Many new-to-us consignment finds from my Instashopping.

Eating: Loves fruit!  Blueberries, peaches, watermelon.  Macaroni and cheese (more than I'd like to admit), yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, scrambled eggs.  Pretty much anything that Daddy likes.  Love the Zoli Baby Bot Cup!

Sleep: We continue to be very lucky! Bedtime around 6:00pm and waking up around 6:00am.  Give or take.  Nap routine struggles.  Sometimes one nap, sometimes two.  Sometimes 30 minutes and sometimes 3 hours.

Schedule: Daddy's home for the summer!  Home with only daddy for three days, and with mom/dad four days.  Dad's been frequenting the local museums and the boys are really bonding.

Activity: Loves running with head down and hands backwards (I have to get a picture of this.) Started fold in half and put head on the ground.  Starting to climb more.  Learning how to safely dismount furniture.  Loves his new blow up pool!

Social: Loves people.  Waves to everyone everywhere.  Sometimes the center of attention (with grandparents), sometimes the pensive observer (playgroup and school).  Fascinated by faces.  Leans in to study your face.  Loves pointing to parts of the face and naming them.

Learning: Knows the letter "B."  Has done pee-pee on the potty about five times inconsistently.

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