Lindsay Gill: Today's Inspiration: You're a better ________ than you know.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Today's Inspiration: You're a better ________ than you know.

photo credit to my mom
I've been thinking a lot about my work as an Orthoptist.  Now that I'm more comfortable and confident with the technical part of my position, I've been interested in being great at what I do.  But what makes someone great at what they do?

Is it being speedy? Being correct all of the time?  Being trustworthy?  I've been putting myself in patients' shoes.  Maybe because I just went through a surgery with my little Luke.  What does a patient want in an appointment?  Here are some quotes from my patients:

1.  I just came here last week, why do you have to check my vision again?

2.  Looks like you're running behind today, huh?

3.  Are you some sort of specialist?  Why didn't you want to be a doctor?  You know, it seems like an appropriate question from one woman to another.

4.  Is it normal to have double vision?

5.  How long have you been doing this, young lady?

Then there is the more serious cases like people being diagnosed with MS and hearing it for the first time.  Needing a prism for double vision due to a newly diagnosed brain tumor.  A man who's eye problems are the first sign of a disease that will take his life.

So what is my purpose?  On an employee level, my job is to get the patient's ready for the doctor efficiently.  Take their eye measurements, take a good history, make the doctor's job easier.  But I've been viewing myself in a different light these days.  In a light that my purpose it to make the visit a little better for the patient.  To prescribe prisms to resolve their double vision.  To explain their conditions to their loved ones a little bit slower.  To answer their questions.

I'm so lucky to love what I do, but this concept is not unique to my profession or field.  Our interactions with others can be so powerful!  My goal is to make each patient feel a bit better.  I won't be giving them chemo or curing anything, but by being patient with them, by listening to them, by explaining to them, I want them to feel better.

I have to thank my teacher, Kyle, for her text that sent me on my new quest.  She said "you're a better Orthoptist than you know."

I'm going to pass that on to you, and fill in the blank however you see fit...

You're a better ______ than you know!

photo credit to my mom

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