Lindsay Gill: Oh hey, Friday! and my House Hunt Wish List

Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh hey, Friday! and my House Hunt Wish List

When I was little, I had a favorite house.  My parents told me that I wanted to paint it purple, and wanted to use colored Christmas lights instead of the white ones my family used to use.  It's actually for sale now, if you're interested!


When I was a bit older, this became my favorite house.  I couldn't imagine a more perfect house.  I still really love this house!


Linking up with Oh hey, Friday, and inspired by a post by Being Mrs. Beer, here is my current house hunting wishlist...

1.  Safety.  Sidewalks would be great, on a side street.  I want a team of inspectors.  All in their big orange Hazmat suits, assuring me that Luke is safe from lead paint, mold, falling roofs, and robbers.  

2.  Medium sized.  I would say small but the ceilings have to be tall enough to accommodate my 6'6'' husband and soon to be tall son.  I like having a smaller house that can be easily kept clean, and frankly, I'm scared of unused dark rooms.

3.  Flat driveway.  This was my criteria when my parents were house hunting when I was a child.  I wanted to ride my bike on a flat driveway.  Though I don't even have a bike, that is still on my wishlist!

4.  A small room for my arts and crafts explosion.  I have always loved small spaces, and would love a room to set up my sewing machine, my paints, my calligraphy nibs, my glitter...  It would be great for JP to have a guitar area, too.  

5.  Location, location, location!  Close to family would be great, in a good school district would be great.  Quiet.  We always seem to live next to a fire station, a family hoarding barking dogs, or a pep band.  It would be great to have a quiet neighborhood.

A wish list is just that.  Something to wish for.  I'm ready to be flexible and open minded.  Except for #1. and #5.  and probably #2, #3, and #4.  

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