Lindsay Gill: How I lost 50 Twitter followers overnight

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How I lost 50 Twitter followers overnight

"Linds, you have 19 followers on Twitter."

My younger brother pointed that out to me when I first started blogging.  It was a simple fact, but it resonated with me.  I was explaining to him that I was having a giveaway on my blog, and that I was trying to get more people to enter and was having trouble.  

Later, he calmly asked me..."By the way, is that you on Google+ every day or I am getting spammed?"

Again, a simple question that had me stop in my blogging tracks.  

I learned that "sharing" my google posts with my circles didn't just mean they could see them on google+, but that they would actually get an email each time.  That's annoying! And clearly can be confused with spam!  I learned that you need more than 19 Twitter followers to increase entries in a giveaway.

I quickly learned that if I followed and supported another blog, they would usually return the favor.  How exciting!  All I had to do was "like" every single thing I came across on all social media and voila! my following would grow, as well.

Until last night.  When I opened Twitter and was overwhelmed by the amount of tweets that I was not interested in.  And then wall was filled with blogs I didn't even read and their posts on anything under the sun.  And you guessed it...Twitter, and Instagram.  Who are these people and why am I looking at their children on Instagram?  I had ruined my own experience reading blogs and social media by trying to promote my own blog and social media.

So last night, I started unfollowing.  If you were unfollowed, and I'm sure unfollowspy told ya so, I'm sorry.  It's not personal.  I can't keep up!  I'm learning as I go.  

I literally lost 50 followers overnight from unfollowing them.  You're not gunna follow me?  Fine, then I won't follow you! they said.  How interesting!  An experiment in mass psychology.

On the same note, I've read two articles on this subject.  The gazillion "likes" we're acquiring is not all that helpful when it comes to actually gaining readers and "views."  Facebook now carefully chooses who and when see your post based on the popularity of it with a certain number of viewers.  If those certain viewers have no interest in my material and they don't "like" it or comment on it, it probably won't be shown to my other followers who actually be interested.

How silly this all sounds!  And how personally we take it.  Myself included!  And the advertising companies did this to us, that's the first question they ask when you're thinking of collaborating with a company.  

What's my point?  My point is that I'm learning.  My point is that I don't want to let me blog-readership-growing-tactics-that-aren't-tactics get in the way of enjoying social media and following blogs that really interest me.  Otherwise I'm missing out!  In other words, I am walking a thin line on compromising myself, compromising my likes, my interests, my down time.  And I'd like to stop that immediately.

What is your experience with all of this?

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