Lindsay Gill: Packing your hospital bag for delivery: A list made by moms

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Packing your hospital bag for delivery: A list made by moms

Packing for delivery can be overwhelming.  I waited until the last minute to pack.  I had heard that first time labor takes forever, and thought that I'd have time to pack up when it started.  I ended up packing the night before I was eventually scheduled to be induced.

I'm part of a mommy Facebook group in which fellow moms ask each other questions and offer advice.  A recent question was, "what should I pack in my hospital bag?"  Just like anything else, the answered varied...but I thought that it would be a great thing to share for any first time (or any time) delivering mamas!

Here's the list they came up with...

Breast Friend pillow
Nursing bras
Something comfy to wear in front of guests
Outfits for baby and mom
blanket from home for hospital photoshoot
comfy blanket for sleeping for yourself
cotton underwear
overnight pads for going home
 magazines/books were pointless
body wash that makes you feel good and calms the baby like lavendar
dark chocolate helps with the crazy hormones
 snacks...I was starving...and for whoever else is with you
 empty canvas bag to take home everything they give you there
 large water bottle
own pillow (some hospitals don't allow)
thank you notes for gifts
iPod or playlist
carseat that is newborn ready
 flip flops for shower
phone charger
nursing gear 

a small bag with things you might want in labor like Chapstick, hair ties, camera. Leave your other bags in the car until after you get transferred to your maternity room. They take up too much space in your labor room, you don't need them, and your hubby has to drag them around twice. Just send him to the car when you get transferred!

Sound Machine
Hair hands
roll of soft toilet tissue
hair dryer
lollipops for labor

 a mellow but happy playlist on my iPhone and it made the L&D room so cozy for when I listen to it or hear one of the songs I think of that amazing day, event and experience!

 nipple cream/Boob Ease
take advantage of everything they had: mesh undies, ice packs, pads, foaming creams, ugly gowns, boogie suckers!
Dermoplast if they don't provide

I didn't use much of what I brought. It's like vacation, don't over-pack and don't forget the camera.


As for us...I made my husband a snack bucket with drinks and snacks.  I forgot contact lens fluid but was much more comfortable in my glasses, anyway.  I had to throw away my slippers, so I wouldn't bring my favorites next time.  I packed a "bag" outfit for Luke because they are super cute but quickly realized they don't work with car seats since the straps go through the individual legs.  We did not have the car seat ready!  The base was installed but the settings weren't correct in the actual carrier and we were so exhausted we couldn't figure it out!  

I regret leaving the playlist to my husband.  I didn't think I'd want music, but I did.  Luke was welcomed into this world to Kanye's Gold Digger.  I would also recommend having a mom-recovery-kit at home including pads, ice packs, Tucks, and anything else you can think of.  I had John Paul run out to the store a few times which you'd rather not do as soon as you get home.  Take all of the disposable underwear and other things they offer you.  I was surprised how much I wanted them when I got home.

John Paul wore that same hat home from the hospital! 

My husband slept at home but I'd say its a good idea not to forget your significant other.  If it's the first kiddo, this could be the first of many times that he will get way less attention than your new little bundle.  I think the best thing is make sure he's packed with everything, too, which ultimately is better for everyone.

My mom helped me make little thank you note and hand lotion packages for the nurses as a thank you, but I wish I had done that before so that I could just distribute them at the hospital instead of dropping them off later!  "Oh, I'll find Pam later!" turns into "you know, the Pam with the medium length hair and she was really friendly?" that nobody can find.

Anything else you'd add to the list?

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