Lindsay Gill: I Still Love Calligraphy Online Calligraphy Class Review

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Still Love Calligraphy Online Calligraphy Class Review

I wanted to learn calligraphy.  I started at Michael's and bought the only calligraphy pen and ink that they had.  I made spattered letters and messy ink blots.  The pens weren't moving over the paper like I had hoped, and my grip on the pen was simply not working.  I was discouraged.

I came across an online class called I Still Love Calligraphy and couldn't wait to join.  I had John Paul give the class to me for Mother's Day!  Can you believe that Melissa has taught over 2,000 students from her online class?  It looks like magic as she writes words on her tutorial videos, she really has the gift of absolutely beautiful handwriting, it's memorizing!

Melissa begins by recommending which materials to purchase.  This is half of the battle!  She has done all of the trial and error for her students and has come up with a list of the necessary materials, what a treat!  You can literally add her list to an online cart in one click, and the shipping was extremely fast.

The class is set up so that calligraphers of all levels can improve at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home!   Melissa starts with the basic strokes and then moves on to forming letters, and finally, words.  This was a perfect way for me to unwind (sometimes with wine!) in the evenings.

The best part is that you can upload your work and get very poignant feedback from Melissa.  I had worked on one of my submissions while trying to keep Luke occupied.  She wrote back that my work was improving but seemed distracted.  Like I said, she's magic!  She is really observant and can pin point which details of your calligraphy could be improved, and how!

The exciting part about calligraphy is that there are multiple elements of the art form that can be personalized to truly make it your own.  Like a fingerprint!  Melissa works to teach the basic and original form of calligraphy, and then allows you to add personality to it.

Calligraphy is a lifelong skill that can dress up any form of written work.  Artwork, envelopes, thank you notes.  I am excited to continue personalizing my calligraphy and so thankful that I found Melissa's class to get me started!


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