Lindsay Gill: DIY Crew neck sweatshirt

Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY Crew neck sweatshirt

I had never cut off the hood of a sweatshirt to make a crew neck sweatshirt before.  I have to give credit to this Youtube that I watched, because I couldn't find any tutorials on Pinterest!

I assumed I would just cut an oval along the neck, but this gal suggested to cut just above the stitching.  This is much easier because it is like a built-in guide.  I used my sewing scissors, they give a much cleaner cut.

Here is the sweatshirt victim.  It always fit me too stiffly around my neck, arms, and stomach.
Here's the stitching that you can easily follow.
First I only did the neck, but wanted more change!
So I cut the sleeves and waist, too.

Next thing I knew, JP had made use of my scraps.  Resourceful!

I think I'll probably make a wider neck for more of an off-the-shoulder look.  But for now, I have a great start on a more comfy sweatshirt!

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