Lindsay Gill: 3 Ways to make Toddler Surgery Easier

Monday, June 2, 2014

3 Ways to make Toddler Surgery Easier

You may have read about Luke's recent ear tube and adenoid surgery.  Here's what has made the process easier for us:

1.  We used to joke in my previous office about "binder moms."  The moms that would come in with a 3 inch binder with any and every record on their child.  But guess what.  Here I am...a binder mom.  There were too many times that we'd run out the door and have to go back for his insurance card, his pre-op report, his hearing test results etc.  This is a simple but effective way to make all appointments easier.  Most records are electronic now, but the doctors are still collecting a history from you, and it just simplifies the process for everyone if the information is all together.  And I know, it only gets more difficult with more than one child, so we might as well get things organized now.

2.  Nana found these for Luke, tiny Popsicles!  Easier to hold with little hands.  Though the actual procedure does not necessarily cause pain, Luke's mouth and throat seem sore, nevermind the continued teething still going on.  

3.  I saw this on Pinterest.  You can use a pacifier and cut off the top to give medicine.  Luke is hit or miss with taking medicine so I tried this yesterday and it helped.  I used a bottle top because I don't want to ruin our pacifiers just yet! 

Any other tips for easing toddler surgery?  

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