Lindsay Gill: May 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Lessons on Ear Tubes and Adenoid Surgery for Toddler

"So he's getting adenoids in and tubes out?" said the secretary on the phone.  This was going to be a long day.

Ear tubes in and adenoids out.  A very subtle, but important difference!

I, too, knew little about the procedures until just recently.  We had a laminated appointment card for the Pediatrician that read "THURSDAY."  Just kidding, but we were pretty much in the Pediatrician's office every Thursday (one of my days off) for congestion and ear checks.  Some of these appointments showed ear fluid, some showed ear infections.  Little Luke just couldn't get his ears cleared!

We were referred to an Audiologist for a hearing test, which showed some decrease in hearing.  She did further testing to show, though, that his hearing would be okay once the fluid was cleared.  We then met with the ENT who suggested we do a surgery to put ear tubes in, as well as take adenoids out.  

The procedure was yesterday.  It didn't feel real until I got the phone call with our 6:15 am arrival time.  I was nervous that Luke would have trouble with the "no eating or drinking after midnight" rule, but he did fine.  The surgery center was great.  We're only at post-op day 1, but you can learn from my mistakes already:

1.  If they give you a choice to put the hospital bracelet on the wrist or the ankle, choose the ankle.  

3.  Don't worry too much about what clothes they wear into the hospital.  I wanted to run out and get him slippers etc. but they will most likely dress the patient like a duck, or banana.  

3.  Basics that we learned: No Motrin 2 weeks before surgery.  Start with clear liquids after surgery and then proceed to a soft diet for a few days.  With adenoids removed, they might be congested for a few days after the procedure.  With ear tubes, use five ear drops twice per day for 5 days.  They do not need earplugs for bathing.  With future ear infections, the treatment is now ear drops rather than systemic antibiotics.  I brought an array of foods for Luke, but he ate nothing.  In retrospect, I would have brought less stuff, but I wanted to be prepared for anything.  

4.  Toddlers wake up from anesthesia differently than adults.  Adults are generally calm and groggy, but toddlers tend to be more in a tempter tantrum.  Neither of us could calm him down, and his eyes were glassed over.  He was still hooked up to the IV so it was tricky to hold a squirmy-temper-tantrum-ing toddler attached to wires and tubes.  Once we got into the car, he started recognizing his bear and blankey and fell asleep.  

5.  Anesthesia is always a big deal, so I don't want to "downplay" Luke's procedure.  But some children are going into that hospital everyday, or worse, that's the only place they know.  I kept reminding myself that Luke was healthy, we're just trying to make him healthier.  We have to thank God for each day with our little angels, and for all of their healthy parts.  I'm also so thankful for the doctors and nurses that do this all day, everyday.  The Anesthesiologist was blowing bubbles with Luke, the nurses were pushing him around in a wagon.  These are very special people.

So far, Luke has already said a few new words, and has been playing with his toys like they are brand new.  It's exciting to see him look at the world differently, already!

Any advice for the next days of post-op?  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday: 5 Stages of Grief towards Jury Duty

Linking-up to Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha!  

                                                  THE GOOD LIFE BLOG

I spent my morning in Jury Duty.  Not much for blogging inspiration...but like grief, I found that I went through emotional stages.  Here goes...

1.  Disappointment.  I received the letter in the mail.  I had to respond.  Follow the automated message on the phone to respond to my call of duty.  Get my confirmation number.  Make an organized list of everything I'll need for the day.

2.  Anxiety.  I lost all of the paperwork.  I don't even know how to get to the courthouse.  Where will I park?  I don't even have cash for the parking garage, if I do find it.  I have to call the night before to see if I'm still scheduled...if only I could find my paperwork with the phone number on it.

3.  Dread.  I found the paperwork!  Covered in spilled coffee.  Called the number and "all jurors must report!"  Filled out the questionnaire.  Do I have +2 years of education after college or would that be +1?  What is my ethnicity, after all? Found the parking garage.  Found a juror-buddy.

4.  Importance.  I tell ya, that judge has his speech pretty well prepared.  After he finished, we all felt as if we could run a marathon, and that we were the only people in the world that could do the job!  That we were empowered, and smart, and beautiful!

5.  Euphoria.  Everyone had a smile on their face when we were "released."  Only ten people in the elevator, for safety.  No returning for another three years.  Yes, it's civic duty, but yes it would be really stressful and I'm relieved!  Hooray for Memorial Day weekend!  And I didn't even get to keep my sticker.


Have a great weekend...what are you plans for Memorial Day weekend?  We are getting breakfast with a few of Luke's friends and their families and otherwise relaxing!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dreambaby® Furniture Anchors, Straps, and TV Saver Review and Giveaway!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. 

When I became interested in the Dreambaby® Furniture Anchors, straps, and TV Saver, I didn't realize that we were already enjoying one of their products: their baby gate!

The need for furniture and television anchors is something we all hate to think about.  The truth is that seemingly harmless furniture could cause injuries in your home in split seconds, and Dreambaby® quotes that "17,000 children are treated for TV related injuries."  

I originally decided that we would simply clear out the home and make it one-big-baby-proof-safe-area.  This was just not possible, as furniture is often necessary.  Instead, I began gating.

This was effective until recently.  Luke is now sixteen months old, and both curious and capable of maneuvering closer and closer to these big pieces of furniture.  

Thankfully, we were introduced to Dreambaby® Furniture Straps, Anchors, and TV Savers.  These are quick and easy to install, and a simple step to decrease the chance of furniture and television injury in the home.  There is little damage to the walls with installation, which was important to me as a renter in our condo.  

They are also very reasonably priced: 

Dreambaby® Furniture Straps - 2 pack (L199) US$6.99
Dreambaby® Flat Screen TV Saver (L860) US$10.79

For useful safety tips & advice from Dreambaby®, check them out on YouTube. 
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  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cash Giveaway!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday 5.16.14

Posting from my phone so I'll have to fix the formatting and typos later!  Here's my Five on Friday for this week...

1.  Luke is now 16 months old! This year is going much faster than last and I'm sure it continues to feel that way.  

2.  Luke and I took a spontaneous trip to Cape Cod to visit my parents.  He ran straight into the ocean with his clothes on.  It was freezing and he didn't care!  



3.  We watched "Trust Me" On Demand last night and it might have been the worst movie I've ever seen.  Trust me, don't watch it.  On a similar note, we just got rid of cable and will be saving about $70 dollars per month by having Netflix instead.  We are about half way through House of Cards and are really hooked! 

4.  This was a funny work week for me.  I had to call out of work Monday due to an eye infection (I'm surrounded by them at work as an Orthoptist!) I was fine to work Tuesday, but then had already taken off Wednesday because my mom couldn't watch Luke.  In conclusion, a one day work week!

5.  Be sure to check out the Memorial Day giveaway in my last post for $100 to Target and $15 to Starbucks! 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Memorial Day Giveaway!

I'm excited to link-up with Val at In-Between Life and 13 other bloggers for a Memorial Day Giveaway!  We will give one lucky ready a $100 gift card to Target, and $15 to Starbucks.  Be sure to enter below!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

DIY toddler art gift for under $3

Frame at Michael's: $1.00
2 colors of paint: $.49 each
1 hand print: free
1 photo print $.09
A DIY toddler art gift for someone who loves him: priceless

Friday, May 2, 2014

What do dolls, museums, AdSense, date night, and May have in common? Five on Friday 5.2.14

What do dolls, museums, AdSense, date night, and May have in common?  Not much, except that I'm linking up with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha for Five on Friday!

1.  I was contacted to see if I could share this information with my mark your calendars!  On May 13th, American Girl Place in NYC will close its doors for Children's Cancer and Blood Foundation (CCBF) supporters to enjoy an exclusive evening of family fun benefiting kids with cancer.  The evening will feature a variety of fun activities including the New Girl of the Year Scavenger Hunt, a special hairdo at the Doll Hair Salon, and a Creativi-tee Doll Tee.  Attendees will also have the chance to enter a raffle to win a variety of popular American Girl Dolls!  100% of proceeds go to CCBF.  Find out more and get your tickets here!

2.  My mom and I took Luke to The New Children's Museum in West Hartford, CT today!  He was overwhelmed with happiness!  He had so much fun.  If you're in the Hartford, CT area, use this Groupon and check it out!


3.  I'm having trouble with my AdSense on Blogger.  I had used it with no problem when I first started blogging.  Then I explored a little with ShareASale and a few others.  I wanted to go back to AdSense and now the ads are not showing up.  I did some troubleshooting with no luck.  Has this happened to you?  What are your favorite affiliate blogger sites?

4.  We're having date night on Saturday!  The babysitter is booked and now we just need a dinner reservation.  We do this very infrequently and I'm excited!  To eat while sitting, to carry only a small purse, and to take our time.  I love Luke and we will definitely miss him (and probably talk about him the whole time) but its important to continue dating even when married with kiddos.

5.  I can't believe it's May.  We have a lot to look forward to this summer!  John Paul will be home with Luke and I want to make a long list of things we can do this summer.  Free things, not free things, trips, museums, aquariums, everything!  If you're in the New England area, what do you recommend for a will-be-17-month-old for the summer?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Easiest and Cheapest DIY Mother's Day Gift

The easiest and cheapest DIY Mother's Day gift is most likely right at your fingertips.  It's the Waterlogue app that costs $2.99.  Use any photo and turn it into a beautiful watercolor painting!  I already decorated our house with scenes from our old home in Buffalo:

And gave my father-in-law a beautiful framed painting of his home for his birthday.  

Once I make the "painting," I send it to Snapfish and can have it directly sent to the recipient, or to me for framing and wrapping!  (Or you can print it yourself, we don't have a printer!) Looking for another Mother's Day gift?  Here are 9 more ideas!

I was not compensated in any way for this post.