Lindsay Gill: Focusing on Mom-Me, a minute of reflection

Monday, April 14, 2014

Focusing on Mom-Me, a minute of reflection

I was inspired by Jess's post and am taking a moment to focus on mom-me and reflect!  Here's what's going on with mom-me:
Reading… The Joy of Less with a review to follow.  De-cluttering and organizing is part of my delayed-onset nesting process and I've been enjoying the book so far.  (Yes, it's ironic that I bought another thing in order to get rid of things!  But I'll pass it on to someone else when I'm done!)
Wearing… I bought a few new shirts for work.  I haven't updated my work wardrobe since I worked at the LOFT with my employee discount, and it was time.  
Listening… to Luke's songs.  He has been singing this "do re mi" tune over and over everyday!  It's adorable and he is right in tune!  
Dancing… Not much dancing going on over here.  But trying to sell my Irish Dance wig and hard shoes!  
Making… A commissioned painting of Mary that I cannot seem to finish!  I need to fix part of the background, her hands, her face, and another face near her.  I need to just sit down and finish!
Wishing… that Luke could blow his nose.  We went back to the Pediatrician and he still has fluid in his ears.  No infection though, thank God.
Looking forward to… more of this beautiful weather!  It's so nice to take Luke outside and get fresh air.  We can go to the parks, the farms, for many possibilities.
Hoping… That we can trust God to put us where he wants us next year.  We've been looking at houses etc. and certainly don't have all of the answers.
Eating… Some take-out this week!  We're pretty good about eating healthy during the week but this week we were exceptionally tired for some reason and got take-out.  
Drinking… A glass of wine last night with my mom!  What a treat.  
Going… Outside more, finally!  And for a few runs.  
Wanting… Sidewalks.  Our condo complex has a decent area for Luke to play but I find myself wanting sidewalks.  
Missing… Luke when he is at daycare, as usual.  I know it's a great thing for him, though.
Feeling… Excited!  I got notification last night that I was chosen to do a sponsored post about something we love...more details to come soon!  
Loving… My family, friends, co-workers, and career.  

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