Lindsay Gill: Five on Friday: 5 Ways to Rock the SAHM Day

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday: 5 Ways to Rock the SAHM Day

We've had 15+ months to learn how to rock the SAHM day (technically a part-time SAHM, I am working 3 days per week at this time as an Orthoptist)!  And though the MamaLukey duo will never quite master the SAHM day, we are getting better at it!

Today, I'm linking up with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha for Five on Friday for 5 Ways to Rock the SAHM Day!

1.  Many moms have recommended to be the first one awake.  Take time to meditate, have coffee... catch up on Wedding Rings to Teething Rings.  Maybe make a to-do list or fold that laundry.  In our small condo, I simply can't do that without waking JP and Luke.  I have more luck being the last one to go to bed the night before.  I can get the chores finished, the meals ready, maybe write a quick post.  Anything and everything to make the next day run more smoothly.  This also includes getting the house baby-proofed for a safe day, and placing a or order!

2.  Get together!  When I first had Luke, our big outing was the grocery store.  I was amazed to see so many other Zombie-Mamas strolling their infants through the isles.  There is such a big zombie-mama community but everyone is so tired that they (me included) don't get together or work together.  Whether it's because of lack of showering or the house being a disaster, I think it's easy to shut yourself inside (especially the winter babies!) when really we should be doing the opposite.  We love play dates.  They can be tricky to plan.  With my friend N, we plan on a time and then we have an emergency bath, or a nap that runs two hours late, or what not.  But its worth the effort.  I haven't been great about searching the internet for free library classes or music classes, but there is a lot available and we need to make use of it to rock the SAHM day.  There are playgrounds, parks, and petting zoos everywhere!  Museums and malls during the winter.

3.  Music!  In the car, in the house, on a walk, our day seems to go better with music on!  It doesn't have to be Baby Einstein music, it can be the radio, Friday Night, or It's Finally Friday!

4.  I often feel a drive to check things off the to-do list or to have one activity finished and start the next with Luke.  But I've been working on just "being" with Luke.  If he wants to turn the light "on" and then "off" for a straight hour, then we can do that!  If he wants to be pushed around in the laundry basket for a full hour, we can do that too.  I've changed my mindset to making a mental to-do list of words to work on with Luke, books to read with him etc.  Otherwise, I can do dishes when he's eating in his chair, clean the toy area while he's playing, organize the books while we read.  JP also made me aware that I give 110% when playing with Luke and that might not be necessary, and possibly a disadvantage to Luke.  He needs independent play and to understand that unfortunately, saying "ehhhh" won't always get you exactly what you want in life!  Yes he's young, but he's definitely already learned that "ehhhhh" makes mommy try to fix things.

5.  Don't try to figure everything out.  I think it's also in our nature to want answers.  Why is he cranky today?  Why is his nap schedule different today?  Obviously some questions are important if they are sick and need treatment etc. but otherwise...I'm learning to go with it.  If he is cranky, hold him a little more.  If his nap is off a bit...who cares.

Bottom line is that my SAHM days don't always rock.  But my little guy rocks! And that's what matters.  Every SAHM day we have is different!  And I'm sure that our days are different from your days...I'd love to hear what your SAHM day looks like.  What are your tips and tricks to rock the SAHM day?

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