Lindsay Gill: Easter break through the eyes of a child

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter break through the eyes of a child

We had a great Easter break.  John Paul was off for the full week and enjoyed some nice Daddy-Lukey time.  Having Luke really lets us see the world through the eyes of a child again, and sometimes it really hits me!  

For example, Luke is so interested in the light switches.  When you really think about it, they are very strange!  Little switches that can make the room bright or dark at any time...   We also went to the Trolley Museum with some friends where the Easter Bunny was also visiting!  Luke absolutely loved him and wanted to be picked up...wanted to feel his bunny fur...wanted to sit with him forever.  

Here's our vacation recap through the eyes of a child...

Spring! Thank God!

Luke's first kiss with our neighbor's granddaughter

More like the Easter Monster

The Easter Bunny

Luke and his best friend G

A new broom from the Easter Bunny!

Facetime with Cousin O

Creating with red paint

On the Trolley ride with Dad

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