Lindsay Gill: Stonyfield YoToddler Review: A perfect toddler treat

Monday, April 28, 2014

Stonyfield YoToddler Review: A perfect toddler treat

I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stonyfield. I received coupons to facilitate my shopping trip and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

I want to make sure that we give Luke, our 15 month old son, the best start...the best start to his school day and the best start to forming healthy habits. That means healthy meals and snacks!

I was a Stonyfield-yogurt-lover before Luke, and now that I am a mom, I'm finding it even more important to have healthy food choices in the house. Choices with ingredients that we can pronounce...choices that Luke can't help but saying "mmmmm!" when he eats them.

We had been sending Luke to school with his favorite YoBaby Vanilla yogurt each day, and now we're sending him with YoToddler pouches which are incredibly convenient. They are the first refrigerated organic yogurt pouch available.  Easy to pack, no spoon necessary, and less mess! I'm also excited to try freezing them for a frozen yogurt alternative this summer!  He has tried the following flavors...

Apple and Sweet Potato
Strawberry Banana
Pear Spinach Mango (his absolute favorite!)
Strawberry Beet Raspberry

It's important to me that Stonyfield does not use antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides, or artificial hormones, and that there is never artificial flavor or high fructose corn syrup.  Especially after having my experience with gestational diabetes, I am diligent about monitoring sugar intake.

Our Pediatrician wants Luke to be drinking milk from a cup and getting plenty of yogurt and cheese.  Since Luke doesn't like cheese, and he doesn't love drinking milk from a cup, we really rely on these yogurts for his calcium and vitamin D, with the additional benefits of Omega-3 DHA and probiotics!  The great news is that Luke doesn't have to stop loving Stonyfield products as he grows up...he can try YoKids and then their full line of dairy products.

Find out more about these healthy little packets at the Stonyfield website and find a store near you that sells their products and be sure to be sure to like Stonyfield on Facebook, follow on TwitterPinterest, and Instagram!  There is such a variety of types and flavors that you will certainly find something for the whole family.

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