Lindsay Gill: April 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An interview with my husband: "Maybe we can do this as like a weekly thing."

Inspired by this post  by Kids and Cabernet, I interviewed my husband, John Paul!  It was a lot of fun, I highly recommend it.

Me: What's the name of my blog?
JP: Wedding Rings to Teething Rings

Me: What do I blog about?
JP: Um...parenting stuff. 80% parenting and 20% being a female.  I mean, it's wedding rings to teething rings.  I read it every once in a while at work, you know.  I just google "Wedding Rings to Teething Rings" at work and it comes up.

Me: What's a popular fashion item for women right now?
JP: Like for clothing? Like who's my target market? No, don't write this down.  Don't write any of this down. I'm leaving.  STOP WRITING IT DOWN.  Like for purses? Juicy Couture bags and stuff like that.  Michael Kors.

Me: What's the best place for women to shop?
JP: LOFT, online, it depends on the person.

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?
JP: It's a social media website where people can pin up things that people find fascinating.

Me: What does OOTD mean?
JP: No idea.
(this isn't fair, I've posted only one fashion post thus far)

Me: What is our favorite thing to do together?
JP: Besides....?
Me: Yes.
JP: I would say simple stuff. Eat a meal together, walk together, pray together.

Me: Am I good about staying on a budget?
JP: Yeah. Strict but not too strict.

Me: What do I do when I'm home alone?
JP: Clean or work on your blog or possibly rest but probably not.  Or checking on people on Facebook. Or getting dinner ready.  Either working or doing something on the computer.

Me: What do you do when you're home alone?
JP: Before January, schoolwork.  But now, read, call a friend, watch TV, play guitar.  Or clean.  I do clean.  I'll sound like a bum if I don't say that.  Put cleaning first, in bold italic and underlined in 16 font and in red.  I'm assuming you're posting these.

Me: What's my favorite accessory?
JP: Before Luke, matching LOFT jewelry.  Now it's like a big purse.  Something that you carry lots of different things.  You used to have lots of jewelry on now you just have like a big duffle bag with prizes and goodies for a one year old.

Me: What's an acceptable amount to spend on a make-up item?
JP: Unlimited, whatever you want.  If you feel pretty then I'm happy.  No budget on make-up.

Me: What jewelry do I wear everyday?
JP: Your wedding rings, your other ring.  And 99% of the time, your earrings.  2 days a week you wear something on your wrist, but you used to wear more.  Now you wear less.

Me: What's your favorite trait about me, not physical?
JP: Your silliness.  Or fun light attitude to make life fun. Nobody wants to be with a stick in the mud.

Me: What is the Pantone 2014 color of the year?
JP: Eggshell white.

Me: What's my favorite TV show?
JP: Millionaire Matchmaker or Chopped.  You do like Undercover Boss and you do like Sharktank.
Me: One more.
JP: Antique roadshow? Downton Abbey?
Me: No...
JP: Blank stare
Me: Modern Family.
JP: I knew that one. Put that I knew that one because I did.

Me: Anything else you'd like to add?
JP: Maybe we can do this as like a weekly thing.  On behalf of me and all of my fans, thank you for your constant praises, cards, and money gifts.  If you ever need me, please contact Lindsay.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Stonyfield YoToddler Review: A perfect toddler treat

I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stonyfield. I received coupons to facilitate my shopping trip and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

I want to make sure that we give Luke, our 15 month old son, the best start...the best start to his school day and the best start to forming healthy habits. That means healthy meals and snacks!

I was a Stonyfield-yogurt-lover before Luke, and now that I am a mom, I'm finding it even more important to have healthy food choices in the house. Choices with ingredients that we can pronounce...choices that Luke can't help but saying "mmmmm!" when he eats them.

We had been sending Luke to school with his favorite YoBaby Vanilla yogurt each day, and now we're sending him with YoToddler pouches which are incredibly convenient. They are the first refrigerated organic yogurt pouch available.  Easy to pack, no spoon necessary, and less mess! I'm also excited to try freezing them for a frozen yogurt alternative this summer!  He has tried the following flavors...

Apple and Sweet Potato
Strawberry Banana
Pear Spinach Mango (his absolute favorite!)
Strawberry Beet Raspberry

It's important to me that Stonyfield does not use antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides, or artificial hormones, and that there is never artificial flavor or high fructose corn syrup.  Especially after having my experience with gestational diabetes, I am diligent about monitoring sugar intake.

Our Pediatrician wants Luke to be drinking milk from a cup and getting plenty of yogurt and cheese.  Since Luke doesn't like cheese, and he doesn't love drinking milk from a cup, we really rely on these yogurts for his calcium and vitamin D, with the additional benefits of Omega-3 DHA and probiotics!  The great news is that Luke doesn't have to stop loving Stonyfield products as he grows up...he can try YoKids and then their full line of dairy products.

Find out more about these healthy little packets at the Stonyfield website and find a store near you that sells their products and be sure to be sure to like Stonyfield on Facebook, follow on TwitterPinterest, and Instagram!  There is such a variety of types and flavors that you will certainly find something for the whole family.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday: 5 Ways to Rock the SAHM Day

We've had 15+ months to learn how to rock the SAHM day (technically a part-time SAHM, I am working 3 days per week at this time as an Orthoptist)!  And though the MamaLukey duo will never quite master the SAHM day, we are getting better at it!

Today, I'm linking up with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha for Five on Friday for 5 Ways to Rock the SAHM Day!

1.  Many moms have recommended to be the first one awake.  Take time to meditate, have coffee... catch up on Wedding Rings to Teething Rings.  Maybe make a to-do list or fold that laundry.  In our small condo, I simply can't do that without waking JP and Luke.  I have more luck being the last one to go to bed the night before.  I can get the chores finished, the meals ready, maybe write a quick post.  Anything and everything to make the next day run more smoothly.  This also includes getting the house baby-proofed for a safe day, and placing a or order!

2.  Get together!  When I first had Luke, our big outing was the grocery store.  I was amazed to see so many other Zombie-Mamas strolling their infants through the isles.  There is such a big zombie-mama community but everyone is so tired that they (me included) don't get together or work together.  Whether it's because of lack of showering or the house being a disaster, I think it's easy to shut yourself inside (especially the winter babies!) when really we should be doing the opposite.  We love play dates.  They can be tricky to plan.  With my friend N, we plan on a time and then we have an emergency bath, or a nap that runs two hours late, or what not.  But its worth the effort.  I haven't been great about searching the internet for free library classes or music classes, but there is a lot available and we need to make use of it to rock the SAHM day.  There are playgrounds, parks, and petting zoos everywhere!  Museums and malls during the winter.

3.  Music!  In the car, in the house, on a walk, our day seems to go better with music on!  It doesn't have to be Baby Einstein music, it can be the radio, Friday Night, or It's Finally Friday!

4.  I often feel a drive to check things off the to-do list or to have one activity finished and start the next with Luke.  But I've been working on just "being" with Luke.  If he wants to turn the light "on" and then "off" for a straight hour, then we can do that!  If he wants to be pushed around in the laundry basket for a full hour, we can do that too.  I've changed my mindset to making a mental to-do list of words to work on with Luke, books to read with him etc.  Otherwise, I can do dishes when he's eating in his chair, clean the toy area while he's playing, organize the books while we read.  JP also made me aware that I give 110% when playing with Luke and that might not be necessary, and possibly a disadvantage to Luke.  He needs independent play and to understand that unfortunately, saying "ehhhh" won't always get you exactly what you want in life!  Yes he's young, but he's definitely already learned that "ehhhhh" makes mommy try to fix things.

5.  Don't try to figure everything out.  I think it's also in our nature to want answers.  Why is he cranky today?  Why is his nap schedule different today?  Obviously some questions are important if they are sick and need treatment etc. but otherwise...I'm learning to go with it.  If he is cranky, hold him a little more.  If his nap is off a bit...who cares.

Bottom line is that my SAHM days don't always rock.  But my little guy rocks! And that's what matters.  Every SAHM day we have is different!  And I'm sure that our days are different from your days...I'd love to hear what your SAHM day looks like.  What are your tips and tricks to rock the SAHM day?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother of all Meltdowns Review

It was 12:31 am when I decided that I'd like to read The Mother of All Meltdowns (MOAM). Our little Luke had been screaming from his ear infection and new tooth. I was so happy when I started MOAM because it immediately took my mind off our "situation" and actually made me laugh out loud. I love that there are mini-stories that cater to a mother's mini-blocks of time. 

There are little bonus excerpts peppered throughout with more practical information. It was such a breath of fresh air to read these fellow-mom stories that can often go unspoken. There were stories that really reached me like the feelings when dropping off your baby at daycare for the first time, or the feelings of fatigue that you just can't beat. 

Coincidentally, I did have my own MOAM recently. We stayed over at a hotel for Luke's birthday. Everything was going just according to plan, and Luke was even sleeping soundly in bed at a reasonable hour. That is until the hockey team that was also staying over came back from their game and started congregating in the room directly next-door. 

In my pajamas and sans shoes, I went next door, banged on the door, and adamantly yelled at the almost men staring down at me that "are you kidding me? And you have to stop screaming! And I'm really angry!" When I got back into my room, I was happy to be armed with my MOAM team to comfort me. What just happened?! Something took over my body! Needless to say, I did not go down for my complimentary breakfast the next morning! 

MOAM is one that you can read over and over and share with your girlfriends. Thank you to all of the MOAM authors for sharing, you are all incredible writers and mothers.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter break through the eyes of a child

We had a great Easter break.  John Paul was off for the full week and enjoyed some nice Daddy-Lukey time.  Having Luke really lets us see the world through the eyes of a child again, and sometimes it really hits me!  

For example, Luke is so interested in the light switches.  When you really think about it, they are very strange!  Little switches that can make the room bright or dark at any time...   We also went to the Trolley Museum with some friends where the Easter Bunny was also visiting!  Luke absolutely loved him and wanted to be picked up...wanted to feel his bunny fur...wanted to sit with him forever.  

Here's our vacation recap through the eyes of a child...

Spring! Thank God!

Luke's first kiss with our neighbor's granddaughter

More like the Easter Monster

The Easter Bunny

Luke and his best friend G

A new broom from the Easter Bunny!

Facetime with Cousin O

Creating with red paint

On the Trolley ride with Dad

Monday, April 14, 2014

Focusing on Mom-Me, a minute of reflection

I was inspired by Jess's post and am taking a moment to focus on mom-me and reflect!  Here's what's going on with mom-me:
Reading… The Joy of Less with a review to follow.  De-cluttering and organizing is part of my delayed-onset nesting process and I've been enjoying the book so far.  (Yes, it's ironic that I bought another thing in order to get rid of things!  But I'll pass it on to someone else when I'm done!)
Wearing… I bought a few new shirts for work.  I haven't updated my work wardrobe since I worked at the LOFT with my employee discount, and it was time.  
Listening… to Luke's songs.  He has been singing this "do re mi" tune over and over everyday!  It's adorable and he is right in tune!  
Dancing… Not much dancing going on over here.  But trying to sell my Irish Dance wig and hard shoes!  
Making… A commissioned painting of Mary that I cannot seem to finish!  I need to fix part of the background, her hands, her face, and another face near her.  I need to just sit down and finish!
Wishing… that Luke could blow his nose.  We went back to the Pediatrician and he still has fluid in his ears.  No infection though, thank God.
Looking forward to… more of this beautiful weather!  It's so nice to take Luke outside and get fresh air.  We can go to the parks, the farms, for many possibilities.
Hoping… That we can trust God to put us where he wants us next year.  We've been looking at houses etc. and certainly don't have all of the answers.
Eating… Some take-out this week!  We're pretty good about eating healthy during the week but this week we were exceptionally tired for some reason and got take-out.  
Drinking… A glass of wine last night with my mom!  What a treat.  
Going… Outside more, finally!  And for a few runs.  
Wanting… Sidewalks.  Our condo complex has a decent area for Luke to play but I find myself wanting sidewalks.  
Missing… Luke when he is at daycare, as usual.  I know it's a great thing for him, though.
Feeling… Excited!  I got notification last night that I was chosen to do a sponsored post about something we love...more details to come soon!  
Loving… My family, friends, co-workers, and career.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

When toddler is sick

I posted a while back on your baby being sick, and now we've experienced a sick toddler.

I don't understand how the BabyComfyNose Aspirator is sanitary for the person (me) sucking out the boogies...but it does work.  We just bought the thermometer and think this is the best thing ever (and so far seems accurate!)  Some fellow mamas told me about Zarbees.  I made the mistake of buying the night time Zarbees as well but that is only for 2+ year olds.  Our Pediatrician said that for a cough, you can give a 1+ year old 1 tsp of honey 2 times per day.  I like using local honey that helps with allergies, too!  

Do you have any when-toddler-is-sick-tricks?  I'd love to hear them!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday: 5 New Things

Excited to link- up again with Five on Friday with DarciChristinaApril, and Natasha!

ONE: I have seen in the blogging world but didn't quite understand it or think it was for me.  But after signing up and getting money back on my and LOFT purchases, I'm a fan!  It's really simple and definitely worth it if you are an online shopper!

TWO: The nicer weather has been incredible.  Even for just a few days, Luke has been able to run outside.  He looks at me like, "This is awesome, why are you just letting me out here now?"


THREE: Luke's newest interest is fitting into small spaces.  The once "sensory cabinet" in the kitchen is now taped up with packing tape until our extra baby-proofing devices come in the mail.  We love these for the cabinets.


FOUR: I bought new work shoes at LOFT (hence my LOFT ebate).  Looking forward to throwing my old work shoes out!  It's time.  And these were on sale with code "NEWME" too!

FIVE:  My SIL and I took the babes out for a jog yesterday.  It takes longer to set up the jogger with snacks, drinks, appropriate clothes layering, toys etc. than actually jogging. was so nice to get moving again.  It's also good to remember that if you are going to work-out after about a two-year should stretch before and after.  Feelin' it today!  

SIX:  I extra.  But I just wanted to share that I am co-hosting a new community called No Mother is Perfect!  Mom of the Year Blog describes it best in her post for today.  There is a huge giveaway that you don't want to miss!  Be sure to check it out!

Have a great weekend...what are your weekend plans?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's Be Friends Blog Hop #59

Welcome to the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!

A blog hop is a set time frame for current or aspiring bloggers to find new blogs and quality content. It is a great way to make new friends and find inspiration! It is also a fabulous way to promote your own blog and posts.

Dear Friends,

What a day to celebrate! This is the 59th week of the Let's Be Friends blog hop! Thanks for joining us on this special day. Chelsee and Tiffany are extremely delighted to see the way this hop has grown and love to see your faces each week! 

Join us every Tuesday at 7am (MST). This blog hop focuses on content. LINK UP YOUR FAVORITE POST from last week in this fun content-sharing blog hop! I love the idea of blog hopping, but I love the idea of reading posts and quality content on new blogs I've never been to even more. Instead of simply linking up your blog button, you are now able to link up your favorite post you recently wrote. Have a delicious recipe to share, DIY tutorial, or heartfelt post? Share it with us! All hosts and co-hosts put up some unique and fun content from the past week. Make sure to check them out. P.S.- you may still link up your blog button and blog name, but it is encouraged to link up your favorite post instead. You will get more page views and interest if you do so! Some of the most successful blog hops I have participate in focus on content rather than just exchanging follows. You never know who will become a loyal follower or pin that delicious new recipe you posted!

The BEST part of this blog hop? Each week there will be a WINNER! That's right, each week we will choose one lucky blog to feature from the previous week's hop. This hop receives thousands of page views every week, so your blog will have the chance to be center stage for free. You must follow all the hosts and co-hosts in order to win. Only those who link up a specific post are eligible to be featured! *You must follow all the hosts and co-hosts in order to win.

The last exciting change is that the co-host spots will now be available to all sponsors of  The Dwelling Tree or Southern Beauty Guide. If you are interested in co-hosting the blog hop, email Tiffany or Chelsee about sponsorship opportunities and how to co-host the weekly hop!

There are a couple of great giveaways going on right now at Southern Beauty Guide and The Dwelling Tree. Go check them out! :)

Let's Be Friend's Blog Hop Guidelines
1. Link up your favorite post from your week.
2. Follow your hosts and co-hosts.
3. Grab the button and post it on your blog so we can share the love.
4. Visit 3 other blogs and follow them along!
5. Tweet about this blog hop, using #letsbefriends
6. Pin the button on pinterest so we can spread the news! 

***Once a week, one blog will be chosen to be the featured blogger from the previous blog hop. 

Meet your hosts: 

The Dwelling Tree: Blog, Bloglovin'

Southern Beauty Guide: Blog, Bloglovin'

 and your co-hosts:
Annabel @ Annabel and Alice
Kendra from Open Spaces
Suzanna from One Hoolie Mama
Ashley from Married to the Game

***This weeks featured post from last week's hop:

Hi Loves! This is Chelsee this week! I had the pleasure of picking a winner this week and I must say it was a hard choice. Each of you linked up fabulous posts that I enjoyed reading. I do want to mention that you must link up and actual post and not just your blog to win. Now onto the winner!

Lou Lou Girls  is a very interesting blog indeed. You see Jessica may have written this particular post, but there are actually 4 different writers on this blog consisting of: Jessica, Kim, Cassie and Amber. When looking at last week's linkup I found this odd looking picture that consisted of an egg experiment and knew I had to check it out. You see I am a bit of a sucker for experiments and this one looked interesting.

This experiment was actually something that I have never seen and as we approach Easter and begin playing around with eggs, I suggest that you try this one out. I think by looking at all the pictures in this post that the kids loved this little experiment as much as Jessica loved it.  I hope you all take a minute and check out the blog and this post! Perhaps you may even try this little experiment for yourself!

Keep posting awesome content! You make it so fun for me to read all your posts! If you can, please link up a specific post. It makes it easier for us to come and visit! 

*Remember YOU can be next weeks winner! :)