Lindsay Gill: Spring Cleaning

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Have you started your Spring Cleaning?  We didn't have a choice.  Due to ice damming, we had water damage of our ceilings and walls.  Workmen came to remove the damaged pieces, dry the area, and replace the ceiling and walls.  Then another crew came to clean the rugs.  

It is much easier to watch a running 14 month old in a clean area so I set out to get things back in order.  You may have seen an earlier post on Luke's play area.  At this point, what area is not his play area?  Anyway, he has collected a lot of toys.  From Christmas, from his birthday, from generous Nanas.  Some of these toys are at the bottom of a toy bucket and haven't been played with in quite some time.  

I filled a few bags with toys and brought them to the basement.  We're going to try a "toy shift" system from now on.  Toys will be available in shifts.  This way, nobody is overwhelmed, and the toys stay interesting!  With the new availability of toys, Luke came running over and got himself busy with some stacking blocks. 


Later on, we went to the park to feed the ducks and birds.  Boy, were they hungry!  I was actually scared that they would attack us and threw the Saltines like Frisbees as far as I could to keep them away.  

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