Lindsay Gill: How to have a seamless Baby Shower

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to have a seamless Baby Shower

You've sent out the invitations, you've got your guest list and venue.  The baby is kickin' and you're exhausted, maybe a little cranky...let's throw a party!  With pregnancy brain, you might want to keep a list handy for things you don't want to's what worked for us!

1.  Simple DIY Floating Candle Centerpieces.  These are fairly cheap and you can save them for all future occasions, and change the color of the glass pieces depending on the gender.  Or you could do blue hydrangea for a boy...light pink roses for a girl.  

2.  Balloons.  We had these at the entrance and on either side of the "gift" table.  Just a few simply bunches of three or so.  Speaking of a gift table...

3.  Have a designated spot for gifts.  People will be strolling in with heavy gifts saying, "Where should I put this?" 

4.  Name cards.  You might not want your great aunt sitting next to your sorority sister.  Or maybe you do.  In either case, I like having name cards.  I think people like finding their spot and again, having somewhere to put all of the stuff.

5.  Photos.  If you have pregnancy photos, this might be fun to display.  I had our photos out from when we announced we were pregnant.  See them here!

6.  Have a guest book.  This could be a child's book that people sign in permanent marker.  Or you could have index cards with "advice for mama," though you may not want a bunch of extra cards...or advice!

7.  Goody bag.  Maybe a small candle depending on your budget and number of guests.  For Luke's baptism, we gave out personalized Hershey kisses bundled up in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.  

8.  Some friends!  Opening presents can be exhausting, and people expect you to do this with tremendous speed,  agility, gratitude, and volume.  I felt very incompetent opening gifts in front of so many people, you suddenly look like you've never opened a gift before.  An obstacle course for the pregnant chick. 
  • one friend for opening tough things with ribbons (have scissors nearby)
  • one friend for announcing the gift and giver (they should know everyone's name)
  • one friend for collecting trash 
  • one friend for writing down the information so thank-you's are easier
9.  We "raffled" off gift baskets at my shower.  We had a few guests "donate" a certain themed basket and everyone got tickets for their chance to win.  This breaks up the monotony of opening gifts but is definitely not necessary if it feels like "just another thing on the to-do list."

10.  Photography.  Have someone in charge of this so that mama can look back when pregnancy brain fades (still waiting) and see how beautiful the day was.

11.  Food and drinks.  This is very much up to you.  If your venue is a restaurant, check if they are providing table cloths etc.  Sometimes they have colored table cloths so make sure they match your theme and/or request your color.   If it is not at a restaurant, don't forget plates, cups, silverware, trash bags etc.

12.  Save the greeting cards.  Your friend can either write the gifts on paper, or on the cards.  Later, you could make a DIY Card Collage for the baby's room!  I love looking at this and remembering how many people supported us as we prepared for Luke's arrival.

Seasoned mamas...what else would you add?

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