Lindsay Gill: Coconut oil pulling?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Coconut oil pulling?

Have you heard about swishing coconut oil around in your mouth, AKA Oil Pulling?  Apparently it has been around forever, but it just recently flooded my Facebook wall, so I decided to check it out.  Wellness Mama describes the benefits, and this is the article that filled my wall.  But basically it is said to be good for oral health, sinus health, and even skin health etc.!

I'm certainly not here to claim anything, I just wanted to describe my first "pulling" experience!  It looks like this should be done in the morning on an empty stomach for the best benefit.  But I bought it tonight and used it at 7:46pm.  How do I remember the time?  Because I had to calculate 20 minutes from there and thought I would be watching the clock every minute.

I "pulled" while putting the groceries away and getting food ready for tomorrow.  I thought the oil would be like olive oil but this was harder than Crisco, I had to dig the spoon in to get my portion.  The taste didn't bother me, it was like a very mild buttery coconut taste that melted over the 20 minutes of swishing.  

I did feel a little gaggy at first but was fine once it melted.  I was concerned of that sensation at the dentist where you can't swallow the fluoride (you don't swallow the coconut oil!) but the next time I checked the clock, the 20 minutes was up and I was done! It looks like you can melt the oil to avoid the funny initial texture, I might try that if the gagginess continues.

I had no instant effects, but my teeth did feel cleaner.  I'm interested to see if I notice any more changes!  I read that it could help with eczema, that would be great!  Now this was the only kind in the store, but I read it is best to be organic and unrefined.  

What have you heard about oil pulling?  Have you had any experience with it yourself?  

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