Lindsay Gill: The First Birthday Party Post-Game Show

Monday, February 10, 2014

The First Birthday Party Post-Game Show

I posted our first birthday "plan" here.  It was important to me that the party was about Luke, and that it stayed within our budget.  We had two "family parties"...and then a "friend party."  Here's the post-game show of the "friend party!"  

Invitations: I made them with materials I already had.  Very simple.  

Decorations:  We hung Luke's 1-12 month photos that I printed via Snapfish.

Food:  We had bagels, juice, and coffee for the adults, and a "Puff bar" for the babies.  We had mini bagels, Puffs, Wagon Wheels etc. in big bowls as a buffet!

Cake:  In Luke's two previous family birthdays, he didn't like the cake.  In fact, he wiped all of it to the floor very quickly.  I planned to have "1" cookies that my friend KC suggested, but on the day of, I couldn't find the cutters I had bought.  Later on, JP asked why I didn't just cut out "1's" with a knife.  I just wasn't thinking.

Event:  We did end up hiring Luke's "music teacher" for the party (Bonnie from BonnieLight).  She brought drums and instruments and her fun energy!  

Goody Bags:  Bonnie brought maracas, a CD, and a song book for each friend.   

Thank yous:  I just sent out photos from the party to each of the kids as a thank-you.  

I think Luke and his friends had fun!  We had it at 10 am, right in between nap times.  Though I really wanted this party to be about Luke, my friend NK wrote, "Happy birth-day to you too, worked hard to get your little man here!"  She's right...make sure you recognize you and Daddy on the special day, too!


  1. I love Luke's monthly photos!! He is one cute baby!! I love that he had so many parties :)

    1. Thanks meg! Haha yes we pretty much celebrated all of January :)

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