Lindsay Gill: Baby Food Recipe: Turkey and squash

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baby Food Recipe: Turkey and squash

As you may have read, Luke turned one in January.  His parties were great, read about the plan here, and the post-game show here.  

Along with birthdays come check-ups (and the dreaded shots!)  Our doctor also wanted us to make the switch to whole milk, which we had already started.  Whether it is breast milk, formula, or cow's milk, Luke loves his milk!  Our Pediatrician said that our goal would be to cut back to about 16-20 oz. of milk.  We introduced all sorts of solids since they gave us the "go-ahead" like oatmeal, rice, and all sorts of vegetables and fruits.  We offer him bits and pieces of whatever we're eating.  Still, Luke would prefer his milk.  

Tonight, we gave him a Gerber pre-packaged little meal and he ate most of it.  We were thrilled to get so much solid food into him!  Thrilled until we realized how little nutritional value was in it, and it expired in another five months.

Luke still has trouble with certain foods like crackers with sharp corners or tougher pieces of chicken, so though we do not necessarily need purees (like this yummy beef and veggie stew), I'm still a bit apprehensive with his meals.  

Here is something that he loves, it's easy to make, and is healthy!  He loves butternut squash.  We bought a whole one, cut it in half and microwaved it (depends on the size).  Take out the seeds, and chop it up!  (Sometimes you can buy it all chopped and you can simply boil it.)  He also had some ground turkey mixed with plain marinara sauce and sprinkled with garlic, parsley, and basil.  

Don't get me wrong.  We will have our fair share of packaged foods and non-organic meals.  But I think its a good idea to have some easy and healthy baby food recipes in our bag of tricks.

I'd love to hear from you...did your Pediatrician have you cut back on milk or let them have as much as they wanted?  What are your favorite foods to give your little one?

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